Cultivators Cultivation High Quality Yields

Thanks Cult, i will make sure to ask for any advice in your new journal, thanks for getting back to me as I've had so much different info revolving around autos, coco and feeds i really was left unsure. Im not to familiar on this pH perfect as i already have a atami bloom box consisting of root fast, Max A&B, zyme and bloom. ill make sure to keep you up to date as I've had many recommendations of your growing experience. Feel free to visit my Journal and comment.
Yo cultivator i liked the journals n piks but m8 ur way a head ov me im on a budget and jus tryin get sum smoke instead ov shit im avin 2 buy but thnx 4 info i can always check out ur stuff wen i get a tent next mnth hopfuly so peace bro and nice 2 hear ur from uk me 2 peace
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