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Hey everyone.

Ive been gone a while as I tend to do most summers. I dont work then and i like to have a breather from the forum as it starts to drive me a little crazy when i repeat myself alot. I dont mind sharing my knowledge and helping out but it does get frustrating from time to time. Anyway i am back and refreshed. I wasnt going to journal anymore as i dont have much left to show and teach in coco but I guess its nice for new members to see what more experienced growers do and for older members to just drop in and swap ideas now and again.

So I will show a mix of grows, some mine and some others i have access too. I am building a new room tomorrow so i can document that build from scratch. It will be likely 8x 600w hps with 20 or so plants. I have some Atomic Bomb seeds from Bomb Seeds that i have just germinated and placed in root riot cubes. About 40 in total plus 3 regular skunk #1 which i hope to get some males to pollinate some other strains i have but more on that later. So this will be a mixed bag but i will concentrate the main focus on the main room so people who've never saw my grows can see how to do things from the round up.

I will get plenty of pictures and videos up as we go but for now I will just post some random pics from past journals here so new members can get an idea of what i am about.

Everyone is welcome to join in and learn from my almost 20 years grow experience at every level from single plants to industrial level, ive pretty much seen it all when it comes to growing weed indoors in coco or hydro.

Well thats a nice sample of pics and hopefully get some pics up of the new build asap......

One final thought. I will always try to answer questions as soon as possible but please read the journal before asking so i am not constantly repeating myself. No question is stupid if you do not know the answer.. Also this is my thread so dont post pictures unless you ask first and please allow me time to answer questions before answering for me. This is because in the past people have jumped on my threads giving advice i dont agree with or just adding random pics because they want to show plants, thats cool but thats what your own journals and comps are for. Finally no ridiculing people, i dont like it. Everyone is welcome here and i dont mind chat and banter as long as its not takin over the entire thread, i much prefer journals that people can use to reference and it makes it tough when a journal has over 100 pages of chat.

Everyone is welcome here but please understand that I swear alot and have a very British sense of humor. So if i say something that offends you, it probably isnt meant direct to you and is likely my attempt at sarcasm or a joke. I also like to say whats on my mind and not everyone will like me for that reason which is cool. OK so sit back and enjoy the ride....



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So here are my seedlings. 36 feminised Atomic Bomb and 3 reg Sunk #1.

I literally had no where to put them! germinated using the paper towel method so they had around 2inch tails then transplanted to root riot cubes. Now i rarely transplant to cubes and much prefer going straight into coco, however because i had no space i had to go with cubes and propogation tray.

I split the riot cubes down the centr e and placed seedlings in. Sorry i have no pics. Then theuy went in my laundery room with just the light off the 40w regular house bulb in there left in for 2 days. I literally had no kit here. So the seedlings are very stretchy indeed. This is not a problem at all, infact its kind of favourable. It means when i pot them in 1litre pots tomorrow I will bury them deep an it means the tap root will be almost at the bottom of the pot and will encourange lateral root growth really quickly. I will document that process completely when i do it.

I placed a 125w blue cfl in the laundry earlier but they will be moved to there new permanent home tomorrow where things will be more organised.

If you find you have to do similiar, its no big deal and absolutely will not affect the grow in any way. Just need to be careful when transplanting.


There is 24hours between the stretchy seedlings and the transplanted seedlings to give you an idea of just how fast they can stretch.

Will share the start of the room build tomorrow and the transplanting.


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Looking forward to this. Thanks for taking the time!


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I see you are going to use 8x600w, what is the space you are gonna use for that amount of lights?
Would you still use the 4 plants per 600w rule?

The space is approximately 3x2m. Not a huge space. I could get away with 6x600w hps, however I really need to max this space out.

In this space im thinking 20 plants but may even drop to 16. Max 4 plants per light but ive been favouring biggger stronger plants recently.

I havent done any work over the weekend as ive been at grappling comp. But will gget a pic update tomorrow night once i get some more of the build done.


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So i was going to start a neew thread asking a question thats on my mind alot, however im going to put it here while we are still on page 1 and so its in my own journal.

Why are there so many of the same questions asked when the answers are here on the forum? I cant understand it and its really frustrating. Its frustrating because the info is already here but people dont read the relevant sources and just expect a miracle answer in the FAQ section alot of the time. Now dont get me wrong, if you dont know something its ok to ask. But on a forum like this where there are layers of info please read first as you will learn way more than just the individual questions asked in the FAQ section, quite often several questions asked by the same person over several threads. It drives me nuts.

My best advice to any new grower that is already here and reading this is listen to the veterans, they are veterans for a reason. Take some time to read through threads. But most importantly start a journal and invite people to it, people will come and help and can see whats happening in real time almost. Ive helped many many new growers accelerate their learning. I just think the FAQ section should be used for those questions where you really are stumped!

Having said all that I will always try to answer questions asked in my journals. I speak from vast experience although from time to time there are varying opinions and i do get things wrong sometimes. What i really hate though is when someone asks an experienced grower a question which has a solid answer but is ignored and asked again in FAQ or ignored in favour of the guy with the most posts! There are some quality veteran growers lurking here, normally if they give advice it should be listened too.

Hope everyone understands where im coming from with this, peace.


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Welcome back cult I always b telling ppl about u brother u was the first person I checked out befor I started growing now I finally went coco so now all this reading all of ur stuff can put in good use


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Ok everyone, sorry for the slow start. Ive had probs gettin tio the new grow space and struggling for time so everything is a bit wishy washy.

Ive lost a few seedlings as they were really quite weak from being under the normal 40w house bulb. 2 were really weak and died. I have another 4 or 5 that are dubious. Its not the end of the world, I only need 16-20 plants for this space. Normally I would not set a room up in this manner but its no problem, everything will come good and work out fine.

I have potted up the remainder of the root riot cubes into 1litre pots, actually they might be 1/2 litre anyway you will see in the pics in a mo. I also started their feeds. They should have been given nutes straight away, well the ones that were already potted up at least to condition the coco. So when i went to make the starter mix i realised i had forgotten the micro :eek: so i just improvised.

I fed the following:

10litres water
AN Calmag 0.8ec (starting water 0.3ec)
5ml Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power (silica)
Supervit 3 drops
AN sensizym 20ml
Great white mycorrhizae sprinkled into pots and added to the mix as the first group potted have none in the media.
AN carboload 20ml

So on friday i will put a partition wall up and have decided to go with 6 x 600w hps as i dont think i will get 8 in without causing heat issues. If i can get another 2 in, I will though. I will be making a 10inch exctraction point to the external wall and also a 4inch passive intake.

Right now looks like ive never grown before haha, however this grow will show how things can start a little sketchy then can still make a great grow in the end.



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You slacked them seedlings, but no big deal. It always happens to me cause when I start seedlings I start them under 400w MH.

You just end up burying the stem when potting to 5 gal, no biggie if you ask me ..


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I did and thats exactly what i will do. Its good for people to see this so they can see how to deal with it. No big deal at all. Ofcourse no one wants seedlings to die and ive lost a few but i always have plenty. If you only have a few then need to be really strict from the start for best chance of success.
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