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Cultivator's NinthPlanet LED 4400W


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Hey everyone.

Ive been gone a few months but now I'm back with an all new awsome journal featuring NINTHPLANET's new 1100w LED panels. I have already done 2 rounds with these panels and have pulled just over 1kg of quality dry flower per panel. I will show you guys how I do it.

So im hitting around the gpw mark at the moment but I still think there is room for improvement so im aiming for 1.2gpw in this journal, lets see how it goes.

Those who know me already know that I grow with hps and I deal with multiple 10+ 600w rooms, usually 10-12 as I like keeping the spaces managable. I have delayed switching to LED for 2 main reasons over the past 3 or 4 years. 1st I believe the technology was still not able too match what I was producing from hps lights, 2nd the cost of panels put me off massively.

I tested these panels for NINTHPLANET LED and I was blown away by what I saw, these imo are the best panels I've seen anywhere. I have seen and tested other named brands with mixed results. I will let you guys follow this journal and you can make your own minds up. Anyone interested in LED technology should follow this grow. I've also seen the results of the 600w panels and they are awesome but I prefer more juice so I'm sticking with the 1100w panels. I dont have the full specs of the lights in front of me so I will get them up in the next update so as not to make any errors.

I do have the dimensions:
W 65cm
L 100cm
H 14cm

So I am going to run 4x1100w panels in a 3x3m grow tent. I have a 1500cfm fan extracting and attched to that is a 315mm large rhino carbon filter (600x1200mm). I have 25 or 30 Regular Powerplant seeds germinated and they have just been potted into 500ml pots full with pure coco coir. I only have pics of them in the rockwool cubes that I started them in but I will get pics up of them next week in the coco as Im out of the country waiting for an operation on my gallbladder and wont physically be at the grow until next week sometime.

Of the seedlings I expect half will be female so Im hoping to have around 16 females in 5gal fabric smart pots in coco coir which will give 4 lights per panel, of course thats just speculation as I dont know what is m or f at this moment in time. The plan is to veg and flower these out and clone the plants in order to take a mother or two and have cuts for the next round. So we will most likely see different phenos in the room.

Heres a few pics of my last power plant run under hps light so that we will have a comparrison to make at the end of this grow. These were grown under 600w hps in a flood and drain hydro system so its not an exact like for like but it gives a rough idea.

The seedlings are under a 350w blue cfl right now and they will go under the LED panels after the weekend. The panels will run 18-6 light schedule on half strength. There is the option to run the panel at half or full strength and also has the uvb option for late in flower. I will have the panels about 1m high from plant tops in the beginning until they become accustomed the intensity of the LED and I will allow the plants to grow up to the lights and by the time we get into flower the panels will be on full power with about 0.4m (15") from plant tops, maybe lower.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.



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Hi mate

Ive been testing panels for the past year or so but just small grows with single panels. i wanted to be sure on what I was doing before I journalled anything. The thing is I believe LEDs are the future of growing, I just wasnt impressed with anything I've seen to make me want to switch from my HPS set ups. I have ££££££ in HPS lights also so to swap them all out would cost Brewsters millions. This is the only panel i've seen that i cant match with hps so its got me thinking. Cost is still an issue as quality panels are not cheap. But after working some maths out and what I spend on replacement bulbs over 10 year period the cost isnt greater.

NinthPlanet is offereing 10years manufacture warranty on all parts so no further cost in the event of a driver failure or bulb failure. The only negative is that over 10 years the cost of hps bulbs is spread out.

But the quality and growth rate with the 1100w panel is unreal. i think they have nailed it. ive done 2 rounds with 1 panel so this is the first time running multiple panels. Im definately interested enough to have bought panels and see if i can keep consistent results. However I must add that I got the panels at a discount because i have been testing them and because I am journalling on here. Having said that I will be honest in my feedback. Ive gone with these because they work extremely well as will be seen during the grow.....

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I actually dont think there is a loss in weight with right panel. Heat is still a slight issue when running 1100w panels, they prob give equivalent heat to a 600w hps to be fair. Heat is certainly an issue now its summer as we are getting temps well into the 30's but I work around it.

It will be a good grow this one. Nice big 10oz plants is the plan.

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I'm in Cultivator



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I wouldn't miss this one. Good to have you back bud.


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gonna watch this one. like them lights buddy.


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Good to see you back cooking cult
It's such a shame the led are so expensive cuz even if you take the bulb change into account what about if the fuzz or thieves take ya room even once in 10 yrs ya just done ya nuts
Did ya ever sample the alien easy feed

Yes the panels are expensive, the ones that produce real results anyway. It can get really expensive to build large rooms but I think as the technology develops further the price will eventually go down. Im not a light engineer so there are things im not sure about in the way LEDS work but I will post all of the details of the lights from the company asap. I am just waiting for the company owner to get back to me so that I am sure that I am listing the correct data.

I dont have any pics of the test runs but I do have some images from the grows using the 600w panels produced by my friend so I will get some up soon too give you guys an idea of what they produce.

I think LEDS are more suited to smaller hobby growers for now due to the cost of setting big spaces up, but that is fine as not everyone wants big grows. I could see the potential of LEDS a few years ago but I didnt believe the lies that many companies told to try and inflate sales and I saw many disasters and I also caught someone trying to market LEDS with images that had been grown under hps lol. However ive seen a couple of panels give half decent results over the last year and a half so the technology is getting there now. But this 1100w panel is the only panel that ive witnessed that surpasses hps. I dont care what anyone says i can match 99.9% of LED grows with my hps and most times produce better. That however could be down to grower experience and not just the lighting.

For those that know me already, they know Ive had hang ups on LEDS as stated previously but and its a big BUT I just believe these panels are the one. Sounds like im pushing the panels but thats not the case, im just saying what ive found works for me. In both test runs I hit 1gpw, well a fraction less first run, without much difficulty at all. Plants were the healthiest and strongest ive seen in years, thick strong stems, beautiful symetry and dense frosty bud. The test runs were done with feminised Incredible Bulk seed so this is the first time running a different strain and regulars, so i will see how a different strain reacts. I would not have spent money on these panels if i wasnt impressed.

Also after speaking with NINTHPLANET LED he has said he will offer a 10% discount to all 420magazine members, they are sponsors on this site. Im not sure if they have implemented that yet but I will follow it up for anyone that is interested.

As far as the Alien Easy Feed system, no I didnt get around to trying it but im considering doing a run through the winter.


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I looked at their site after reading this thread, could only find a 1030w light similar to yours pictured. Was wandering if it was the same.
yes that is the panel. Its marketed as 1030w but the power on the back of the panel says 1100w. Im sure theres a reason why its marketed at 1030w, maybe thats the true output. Im just a grower and thats where my knowledge lies. I wont pretend I understand how LEDS work fully because I only understand the complete basics of the science. With this in mind my focus will be on showing what the panel can produce and any questions on the panels I will do my best to answer. i have contact with the owner of the company for any questions and i will put any to him. I will have the full specs up sometime today.

EDIT: After reflection I am thinking the 1030w is the power of the cree and osram LEDS which is the main light source on the board. I think the extra 70w comes from the uvb light which is optional to use for the last couple weeks of the grow. I could be wrong, this is not fact, this is my best guess but I will get the facts for you.


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I have been reading and studying little by little overy the past couple years. This is my first attempt, and my plants are 6 days old. Every one I have talked to included my local organic store said led was still behind the times and could not produce the same yields as the 1000w de set up I bought. So I never looked into them. I'm excited to follow this thread.


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They arent behind the times, the problem is that the ones worth buying are expensive. Many LED companies lie about what the panels are capable of and use cheap components. Like I say im no expert however I had never seen anything to rival what i produce from hps so there was no need to buy my own LEDs. Ive grown plants under 5 different brands now, just single panels and some with single plants and max 4 plants per panel. I saw the 600w panel perform last year and was impressed so I was loaned a big panel to try out myself. I had 4 plants under the panel both times in 25litre smart pots. First time I had a couple teething problems getting the light at the correct height and some cal mag def but produced 34.7oz, 2nd run was better with zero issues and with a 5 week veg in coco I produced 36.6oz. So basically a gpw.

The difference with these panels from the others I done was they were much more intense and penetration is unreal. As for the colour spectrum I think they have the balance right and both times I used the UVB lights for last 2 weeks and plants were best quality ive seen on the Incredible Bulk. Now I dont know if it was the UVB light that helped or not, this time I will run 2 panels with using them and 2 panels without.

Ive spent £6000 of my own money on these panels which is almost a £4000 discount but still a large outlay that I would never spend if I didnt think they were worth it. My view is that they are better than any light ive ever seen, hps/led/gavitas and ive grown alot of plants under alot of lights. Now whether people want to spend that sort of money on panels is another thing entirely but I think the 600w panels are also quality. I didnt use the 600w panels myself but I did see the results throughout the grow and they are more affordable. My take is that the costs need to come down alot to really get everyone on LEDS but as far as performance from what ive seen so far I dont think they can be beat like for like. And thats a big statement coming from me, as i never thought id be saying that anytime soon.

I think the good thing for LEDs is that they really can be customised for growing, whereas HPS wont really change. Im actually happy with hps. The 3. beneifits I get from these panels is 1. that I can run 1100w of light at same heat out put as a 600w hps and 2. the quality is superior and 3. im getting 1000g give or take from a space id usually get 550-600g due to the extra output.

Negative is obviously cost.

I wont have the panels hooked up and live until next week as im currently in the UK and i will have to wait until I get home to sort it. The seedlings are in coco and couple weeks in so be perfect for when I get back and get them potted up after I bring down the harvest I have flowering now. I have 8 el nino flowering under 4 600w hps in my small space and this is where the LEDs will go, so I can have full attention on them and not relying on others to do jobs for me.

I will be completely honest throughout the grow but im excited to run this set up with the 4 panels, I'm going to try hit 4.5kg which I think is possible but I will be happy with 4kg. I have no idea how the PowerPlant will run under LED but if its anything like the Incredible Bulk I am on to a winner. Its a heavy yielder but quality can be hit and miss so im hoping it will keep the high yield and keep the quality more consistant.

Anyway heres a few pics of the space I will be using, some may recognise this space from my last coco journal.

These are at weeks 2/3/4 flower. Plants are now 6weeks 5days in flower but i have no recent pics.

I will upload some pictures of the end of this grow when i get home just to have some content on this journal while not much is happening but the main focus will be on the NinthPlanet QUASAR LEDs.
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