Cultivator's Perpetual Grows Return

Here are a few pics i took yesterday or wednesday. Plants are looking really healthy and they are big plants for indoors. Well big by my coco standards anyway as I usually grow lots smaller plants. They are double the size of the last plants I had in this space.

Nice and green, all healthy growth. Any signs of past livkout and defiecencies are long gone. I will get a full update done on Tues.



Nice job, plants are large for indoors. You using DE lighting? Lots of ladies in there. I agree on your health check, all looks good.


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Yeah, 1.4m is quite large. I prefer them at 0.8 - 1m. The tall exodus kush I'm running would be about 2m if I didn't top and supercrop. Even with that, it is about 1.5m.
what is DE lighting mate? Ive never heard of that.
Sorry double ended HPS, HID lighting. They run 1150 watts off 1K bulb. Most guys growing you size switched over a while ago. It's like running duel ballast and 2 lights but more efficient.


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I know what you mean now. No i dont run that anywhere. I run 600w duel specs or gavitas. In bigger spaces i just pack loads of 600's together.

I do have 1 space running 10 x1000w hps but it is high ceilings so it works well. Most my spaces are only 2-2.4m high so its difficult to run more intense lighting.

This grow space is impossible for me to run more than 4 x 600w hps which is a shame as i could fit 100 600w hps here. But the electric us old and has problems i cant address. I could run a large generator but they are too noisy for this space.
Snap a pic of the buds using the 1000 watt lights if ya ever get chance please cult do they get bigger or longer than from 600watt
I had big trim up after seeing plants in your pic I'm just hoping don't take to much off if it I was ruthless if it looks small it was coming off
I'm having bit trouble with temps for some reason would carbon filter that's been used to long slow down the air flow I've had to lift light real high cuz all tops look like getting burnt I've never had this problem at the location it's weird
I cant take pics at the 1000w light grow as my grow partner asked me not to document any spaces we do together. so sorry.

The lights need to be a little further away as they are more intense but you get bigger plants. not stretchy just overall bigger..

I doubt its your carbon filter but i would change it once per year. Your dust cover should stop carbon becoming blocked up with shit. you can wash the cover. Is fan still working properly?
I've had the fan an filter for about 5yr haha it was in storage for a bit an the mice had eaten the dust cover so it hasn't had one on in a long time The fan seems to be working fine Spose could be clogged up cuz not had Suzy sheet on I'm gonna have to get another one I'm just spent out lol
Im having trouble uploading pictures again. Its a nightmare.

Anyway its day 13 of flower today and plants are showing the start of flowers. These are big plants for tent this size. Ive just measured the canopy to 1.5m. I hope the slow down on the vertical growth or im going to have to start super cropping. Id rather not super crop though as i think it drops yield and it means more tying up. These are going to be a nightmare to support without a scrog net but im not complaining.

sorry about picture quality

Going big as always.

Good looking garden Cult.


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Struggling to make them fit is probably the best problem to have. If you could choose. LOL!
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