Cultivator's Return - Multiple Grows

Hey everyone, welcome to my journal.

Ive had a lay off for several months but now im back to work. I wasnt going to journal any more as i feel ive shared alot over past 8 years here at 420 and I didnt want to bore people by showing the same things over and over. However there are lots of new members here who are not familiar with my work and I like to share my knowledge with beginners and newer growers, while at the same time encouraging more experienced growers to join me in discussion on all topics of growing and challenge my ideas and provide all of us feed back as that is how we all continue to learn and move forward.

So what am I going to show? I have only a few grows going at the moment. I will show pics of those and share what i am doing. But im in the process of setting up a few more rooms also so i will show you those smaller rooms and discuss what im doing in them.

Right now I have some Amnesia Haze hybrid clones started, i only potted them up a few days and i noticed they had spider mite after i potted up so theres a battle on my hands already. I have some DR Krippling Blue Cripple growing in coco coir and also i have some gorilla glue growing in a flood and drain set up that also has some issues going on so i will show that too. These grows are worked by other people under my instruction from my home at the other side of Europe so i cant physically be at these grows physically too often. Showing these grows will show what pitfalls can fall upon newer growers and also what happens when people dont do their jobs correctly. I will show the good and the bad.

But the main focus of the journal will be on what i will personally grow. I have:

Barneys Farm Liberty Haze x40 feminized
Seedism BLZBud x40 feminized
Dark Horse Genetics Kings Banner x10 regular
Elemental Seeds Huckleberry x10 regular

So thats 100 seeds to start and hopefully i will get 100% germination on these.

The femized seeds will likely be split between 4 flower rooms with probably 6000w of light per flower room, however that is subject to change. I think i will put the BLZBud half under 3 1030w Ninthplanet quasar LEDs, super powerful lights with an actual draw of 1030w from the wall. All the rest will be under 600w or 1000w hps.

The regular seeds will be split between 2 rooms and the goal is to flower them out and select some mother plants from them. I will show how i pick mother plants and talk about the benefits of correctly selecting strong genetics from regular seeds instead if mothering feminized plants.

This journal will be jam packed with lots of information and again a guide to growing in coco coir which ive perfected over years of continuous growing.

I will answer all questions to the ebst of my ability and i encourage participation by all. I dont mind banter but lets try to keep the focus on subject as journals with 100's of pages of banter are hard to follow if new people join later in the process. Please dont PM me with questions if they are related to the grows. I sometimes get too many pms with the same old questions, if we address questions in the journal everyone benefits, there are no stupid questions, if you dont know something then you dont know its no problem.

So with all that said here are the seeds ive purchased today. I spent around £600 on these. I will get them germing tomorro and show how i will get 100 seeds to root. I will just add pics from the various grows as we go.
To post pics look to the left of the text box and you'll see a + with a circle around it. Tap that and it will give you access to your camera and photo album.
For some reason i cant figure it out, either im dumb or theres a problem, most likely the former lol. Not even off the ground and im having technical issues. Ive put 1000's pics on this website so you would think i vould figure it out lol.

Im going to germinate 60 seeds today. The BLZBud and the regs. I will take the liberty haze to spain and do those there i think in a week or 2. Im in uk at min so i will focus what im starting here first.
Ok ive managed to get on desk top mode and upload some pics. I just cant figure out how to do it on the mobile version and sometimes i cant use desktop mode on my samsung galaxy note for some reason.

AnywY heres some pics of the seeds i bought. The ones a can see through the packets are lovely big and healthy.

I think i will start a new youtube channel also so i can upload vids. I did have a channel but it got hacked so i just blocked account and deleted the vids. Videos are much better interactive for everyone watching and i can explain things as i do them which make it so much easier to follow.

Vids and pics might be slow ish for the next week but i will still try get something up on a daily basis.





Yes these are new strains to me apart from the Liberty Haze. Im really intrigued by the BLZBud and ive been looking for some nice new indicas for a while. Its been a little while since ive grown anything completely new so its exciting to see what they can do.

I have started germination of seeds today and ordered 3x 250w 64k cfls to start the seedlings under. Heres a video of how i germinate. I apologise for rambling and the video being in 2 parts, enjoy.


No probs.

Ive seen so many diff ways to germinate seeds some good and some bad. This is the way ive had most success. Just dont allow the paper towels to dry out and place im a warm spot and that will get results. I always wait until the tap root is a good inch before transplanting also. By wrapping the plates in plastic bag that wiĺl keep humidity up.

The seeds in these packs were super healthy so i will be very surprised if theres not 100% germination rate.
I had gread results bye putten them in a cop with just regular tap usally germ in 2 days n the third or 4 day il have a baby plant
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