Curing buds and still sticky


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Hey everyone,

I grew some skunk number one, all went well and I harvesters her Sunday 24th of September's and hung my buds to dry. I let them dry until today.

They don't seem wet,not damp and not really dry either if that makes sense but they are sticky, I've put them in mason jars to cure. They kinda stick together if move the jar to check but if I shake the jar they seperate.

Is this something to worry about?

Should I maybe leave the jar open to let them dry more or is this ok for the strain and I'm worrying over nothing ?

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They make little stick temp/humidity gauges that will fit inside the jars, easiest way to know what RH is inside the jar. Most folks aim for 58-62% RH area for curing, over 65% RH and you run the risk of it molding on you as it is too wet.


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Thanks guys.

I'm just being real paranoid so I'm opening up the jar lile every 6 hours or so and shacking the hell out of the jar. Then ive a little poker im putting and scrambling them about so they seperate even more.

Hopefully this extra attention helps


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yeah, but you cant be opening it 4 times a day. There are gases that need to build up and work with each other in that jar. and meanwhile, your using a stick to stir knockin off all the trics off your buds. Open it, dump them on clean plate for 3-4 minutes, throw back in, tight seal, dark, till the next day.

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Well a tried and tested method is wait in till the stem cracks with out fully breaking...

I normally do this test half way down the stem with the drying bud etc the tip end/cut end drys faster ya see that is why ya test further down !

Now this all depends on environmental conditions aka where you live some where in the world but most people suggest 10 day plus slow air dry before curing in the jars.
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