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Curing buds dried too quickly



Put a orange peel or a small peice of apple put all your bud in a tubberware and poke several small holes in 1 general area then set the fruit over the holes... check on the bud every so often to make sure nothing bads happening.

Or you could just do the same thing but just set it in the bag with it, not touching it.. and again, check on it every once in a whiel.


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^ i dont like orange peels anymore.... one time i forgot that i had them in the jar with my green, and it molded... i wasted half an O of bud cuz i forgot about the orange peels..... i use the foil under the jar lid method... and put cut up strawberries :3:


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hhmm not heard of toothpaste before.. but what I do for buds that are too dry is put them in a glass jar and drape a very slightly moist paper towel over the top, and screw the lid down.

Next day, remove the paper towel, stir the buds and close the lid..


Put the buds in a glass jar, put the jar up to your mouth and exhale really slowly into it.. the sides of the jar will fog up for a second - then quickly screw the lid back on. Repeat the next day if necessary..

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