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Curing in the desert


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i've been reading so many posts I need a hit just to try and clear my head on all the advice!
This is my first harvest. I don't want to screw all my hard work up, so I have a question or two.
I live in the hot dry desert. It's not over 100 degrees outside anymore, more like around 80's. I have a friend who's been growing a plant outside from one of the mexican dirt weed seeds he got from a bag of crappy weed. his plant is budding and he's been smoking off of it. It's not real good stuff, but not bad for an outside grow i suppose. he just hangs his bud in the garage upside down to cure. i know it's getting light during the cure cause he's in and out of the garage all the time. Is having total darkness really necessary? what does getting light to it do to the bud as it's curing?
also, does it really take 2 to 4 weeks to cure? I'm thinking of curing the buds, when ready, in a dark closet here in the house. again, i'm in the desert, so there's really no humidity in the air, even in the house, will it cure alright in my closet?
Do i really need the hanging, brown bag, and sealed jar stages?
I understand this is all the things that are suggested to make great bud but what happens if i just hang it in the dark closet to dry, and then when it snaps off the branch, why can't i just smoke it?
I'm not challenging the advice, i just want to know what happens if i don't follow it exactly. will the high not be as potent?
i've been growing for a friggin' year, and finally have a few plants worth harvesting and i don't want to screw it up cause they look really, really good, but i'm just full of questions!
thanks for reading my lengthy post. =)


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Curing is more for smoke taste than potency. Although you can damage potency. We here are all guilty of popping a fresh nug in the oven on low and smoking it and enjoy the high. But Flavor is what curing improves. The more steps you take in curing the happier more awesome taste will blow you away.. That is a great Question does light break down THC during curing!? Because it is grown in HID lights or sun light. I can not give you the scientific answer. Someone else surely will I'm sure. Stick around.
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