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As a member of the medical cannabis program for almost a year, I can report the following:

Budding Hope (Roy) -- I have not been to this dispensary, and have only seen one good mention of them on the internet from a patient (who runs an MMJ consulting business).

Cannaceutics (Albuquerque) -- It was reported that this dispensary uses (or used) DMSO in a topical cannabis product, which is prohibited by the Department of Health.

CG Corrigan (Albuquerque/Placitas) -- My experiences with CG Corrigan over a 6-month period last year were not positive, except for single batches of Grand Platinum, OG-18, and G-13. The purchase of a recent batch of Grand Platinum showed it to be very different from the one that disappeared sometime last year, both in smell (more kush) and strength. However, it was strong enough for patients with moderate pain. A March newsletter from Corrigan indicated that they recently opened a store-front in Placitas (same address as Natural RX).

Compassionate Distributors (Ruidoso) -- For news on this dispensary, see article from February 2013 in Ruidoso Free Press.

Fruit of the Earth (Santa Fe) -- Another dispensary using DMSO in a topical product, which is prohibited by the Department of Health.

G&G Genetics (Grants) -- Sent an email requesting to be registered on March 20th, and never received a reply. Some (or all?) strains sold through New MexiCann.

GrassRoots RX (Pine Hill) -- I've only tried one strain from GrassRoots, their Bubba Berry, which I did not find strong enough for chronic pain. However, the total cost turned out to be the lowest I've calculated so far, and this strain is good enough to help those with mild pain or low tolerance levels.

Healthy Education Society (Albuquerque) -- This dispensary closed down in April of 2013, then re-opened on May 22nd of that same year. My internet search revealed one good (2012) and one bad (2014) review. Zia Health and Wellness, which provides card services for patients, appears to be located at the same place.

High Desert Relief (Albuquerque) -- Best strain is BlackBerry Kush, although there have been good batches of Pre98 Bubba Kush and OG Kush (strong enough for chronic pain), and Island Sweet Skunk (for moderate to chronic pain). Additionally, some of their kushes are strong enough for moderate pain and they have a New York City Diesel that would be good for patients with mild to moderate pain. They have a simple set-up -- more for patients who basically know what they want. Unfortunately, the first four strains mentioned above are hard to find. Also, this producer is prone to closing for long periods of time (days, weeks), which makes purchasing medicine from them inconsistent.

Medzen (Rio Rancho) -- During the six months I tried products from Corrigan, I also tried 22 different strains from Medzen. I can recall three different purchases that were above average, specific batches of the OG Kush, Shishka Berry, and Green Crackle. Unfortunately, there was no consistency within the strains, so I could not predict from purchase to purchase what strength I was going to get. I also tried numerous edibles and one tincture from Medzen, and did not achieve an effect from any of them. The waxes I tried were also unremarkable. Medzen does not test their bud, so THC percentages are not available. They have a nice set-up, with one-on-one visits when purchasing medicine, but I did not find the staff knowledgeable enough for new patients. Top shelf strain is at $15/gram.

Minerva Canna Group (Albuquerque) -- I've only tried one strain from Minerva, their Blue Widow (listed as the strain with the highest THC percentage). I found it to be of low quality and strength. I can understand why patients like this dispensary, with it's nice set-up; but, according to online reviews on other websites, I am not the only one who thinks this medicine is below average in strength. Considering the $14/gram cost, this medicine is overpriced, even for this market.

Mother Earth Herbs (Las Cruces) -- I've never been to this dispensary, and you have to be a registered member to view their products. I've seen both bad and good internet reviews for their medicine and set-up. I've also seen this dispensary described as a monopoly because of their location near the border.

MJ Express-O (Truth or Consequences) -- Must register by mail. Also, this producer is attempting to open a store-front dispensary, according to a June 2013 article in the Las Cruces Sun-News.

Natural RX (Placitas and Albuquerque) -- See article in Sandoval Signpost from May 2013 for news on this dispensary. Also, an ad in Alibi on 3/27/14 indicates a new location near Balloon Fiesta Field, 8612 Paseo Alameda NW.

New MexiCann (Santa Fe) -- I've only tried one strain from New MexiCann, their Blue Dream, which was not strong enough for chronic pain. But the Blue Dream had a nice cure and good terpenes, and may be good for patients with mild to moderate pain. This dispensary has a great set-up and is highly recommended for new patients. But (just as with all dispensaries), if patients want to use THC percentage as a tool in picking strains, they will need to look deeper than what is reported. And if you examine all the testing information provided by New MexiCann, you can see that they play fast and loose when reporting THC/CBD percentages. Additionally, when I calculated the actual cost of my purchase (per joint, not per gram), New MexiCann turned out to be the most expensive so far.

New Mexico Alternative Care (Farmington) -- Website "under construction," and appears to be mostly an edible production facility in Farmington. Although I have seen some negative reviews on their bud from 2012 and 2013.

New Mexico Top Organics (Santa Fe) -- This dispensary has a no-frills set-up, and is a small producer. One day, maybe I'll have the opportunity to try their Blackberry Kush.

R. Greenleaf (Albuquerque) -- I've tried 7 different strains from Greenleaf, and I think their best strains are Grape Ape and Larry OG. Unfortunately, neither are easy to find on Greenleaf's menu. Their Lemon Sour Diesel had a nice cure and good terpenes, and would be good for mild to moderate pain. Nice set-up and location, and cost in the moderate range.

Red Barn Growers (Gallup) -- I've only tried one strain from Red Barn Growers, their Blue Dream (sold through Minerva). I found it to be below average in strength and quality.

Sacred Garden (Santa Fe) -- I've tried four different strains from Sacred Garden: Island Sweet Skunk, Shoreline, Chedderwurst, and Hash Plant. None were strong enough for chronic pain, but the ISS and Shoreline had a nice smell and would work for moderate pain. Their website says,
"We are also the only Licensed Medical Cannabis Producer in the state that has a sanctioned kitchen through the State of New Mexico."

Sandia Bonaticals (Albuquerque) -- Difficulties with signing up, combined with the reporting of low THC strains on their website, have caused me to only visit this dispensary once. Unable to purchase medicine without a consultation first, and facing a 30-minute wait, I left after I registered.

SWOP (Corrales) -- I visited this dispensary in November of last year, with a hand-written list of my strain preferences from their website, only to find they were completely out of bud. Since then, I have not seen a reported THC strength of over 20% on any of their strains. Top shelf strain is priced at $18/gram.

The Verdes Foundation (Albuquerque) -- Best strains are Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Grandaddy Purple, all of which are strong enough for chronic pain. The one edible I can recommend (from Herbal Edibles, sold through Verdes) is the Pumpkin Harvest Bar. There have been occasions when I've purchased a disappointing strain, but all-in-all, Verdes is my favorite dispensary. They have a pretty good set-up too (especially for first-timers), and recently, costs have worked out to be on the lower end of the market.


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Great review of what you came across in New Mexico. I hope others will post as well, because I'd like to know what people think of how these operation are run and which ones are better than others. When Missouri goes either medical or recreational, of the later I hope, I want to try to get a license to provide this medicine I require, to sell or produce or maybe both.


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I would advise patients and potential producers to review the different programs in each state, and see which set up would work best for your state, specifically. I don't know much about Missouri, but one of the (many) problems in New Mexico's program is that the state is so spread out, and a lot of patients who live in rural areas are underserved (more so than in the two biggest cities).

Our program has been operational for about 5 years, and yet the same problems continue to exist. When I look around at the different programs in each state, there are few that don't have problems -- but the best set up for patients? That would be small collectives in Colorado or California.

Because in the end, what it all comes down to is quality, consistency, and affordability. It won't matter to patients how good the quality is if they can't afford to buy it. If you are able to provide these three things, any time soon, you will be way ahead of the game.

And I appreciate your response -- as you can see, I don't get too many. :)

I just post the information because a year ago, when I was a novice, I really wish I had access to something like it.


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Grape Ape
18.711% THC (per website)
Purchased 2/11/14 and 4/22/14 (no batch numbers)

This is not the Grape Ape that I remember from February, except for the condition of the buds (no seeds and crumbly). And I would no longer describe it as a diesel, it's more of a kush. This batch also came with less stems, and the resin has disappeared -- so much so, that I had to wonder if it is possible for bud to have a negative resin count.

Whatever grape smell or taste that remains, smells and tastes like something else -- not grape. In fact, coffee is the strongest part of the smell, overcoming the smell of marijuana.

After smoking half a joint (and wondering if I was smoking Greenleaf's Larry OG again) -- I waited for the effect to reach a strength of at least 5, hoping (and, I admit, praying) all the while. But, the second batch of this strain is not strong enough for chronic pain, and the effect is not long-lasting. I'm giving this batch a strength rating of 4 (the prior batch was a 6).

In reviewing my 5-month history with R. Greenleaf, I see that I've tried 7 different strains, rating batches of two (Grape Ape and Larry OG) as strong enough for chronic pain.

Cataract Kush
Grape Ape
Larry OG
Lemon Sour Diesel
Mendo Purps
Sweet Tooth

Unfortunately, my prior strength ratings refer to single batches of these two strains -- and not only is consistency hard to find at Greenleaf, but it seems that second purchases of each strain have lost strength and terpenes.

At this point, I don't see any reason to keep experimenting with this dispensary.

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Hi painkills2,

Really nice write-up! I read all or most of your post's in the MMJ section. I admire how you rep your state and the knowledge you share for others in your state to give direction & knowledge. Whether it is on the political front or like this post about dispensaries'. :high-five:

Even in Cal. its a hit and miss with the dispensaries. Especially on high CBD strains. They are slow movers and basically get old from degrading under the lights. There are always the dispensaries that want to be the best at what they do, take pride in their business and genuinely want to give the patients what they want.

Its very important to learn your strains and know what your looking for before you go shopping. When the 'bud tenders' know your knowledgeable on your strains it goes a long way getting what your looking for. My biggest concern was consistently as you mentioned. I had sampled some Blue Dream that I really liked. Went back and the strain was completely different in taste and high. The latter didn't have the 'up' like the 1st one I tried. Just grown different, harvested at different times, organic?

Ultimately this is why I started growing my own. To have more control over how I want my MJ, peak THC, mid-term or full term depending on what I need for my meds.

How did you like the Lemon Sour Diesel? I just made some concentrate with Sour Diesel (best Diesel I had to date) for daytime use mixed with Harlequin and it has a WOW factor for energy and pain that last all through the day.

Just another 'thank you' for helping others in your state! Well done!


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You are very kind to appreciate my attempts to inform MMJ patients in New Mexico. Unfortunately, it appears most of them have given up, like you, and just grow their own. Even worse, I can't grow, so I am stuck with the dispensaries.

I was curious about your comment on high-CBD strains being slow movers -- dispensaries in New Mexico also have a variety of these strains available, and seem to be creating even more. I've tried a high-CBD strain and got no effect whatsoever, so I'm confused why these strains are so popular. But you're saying they aren't as popular in Cali?

I've also heard that high-CBD strains are a little more expensive to grow, and yet the price per strain is usually equal to the high-THC strains. It's confusing. What are patients paying for with high-CBD strains anyway? The placebo effect?

I liked the Lemon Sour Diesel, especially because I prefer lighter strains than kushes. But the lighter strains, with a few exceptions, are not where I'm finding a high enough THC count. And I have never had a strain's effect last throughout the day, but then I have both high pain levels and high tolerance.

I sure hope some patients (especially in New Mexico) have benefitted from the information I've posted. Since I can't afford to renew, it looks like I've provided all the information I can on New Mexican dispensaries. I also hope that current and future patients have more luck than I did with this program.

Keep growing your own, Motoco 1982, and don't let anyone take away your right as a patient to do so. Peace out, dude.
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It is a shame you cannot grow.

High CBD strains in my area are a crapshoot and slow movers. The reason is simple. People hear how CBD strains are excellent for pain and inflammation, so they request it from their dispensary. They run down and buy some, then go home and smoke some. They wonder what the heck is everybody talking about, I hardly got buzzed. So the high CBD strain sits around under the lights and looses it potency. I recently picked up a 1/4lb. of the best Harlequin I ever had from a elite grower that thought he would grow some because of the 'pain' qualities. After he smoked it he wanted to sell his private reserve. I picked up the quarter lb. for 800.00. Hands down, the best I ever had. High CBD strains are coming out at a much more rapid pace. Its different when you go into a dispensary and check out a high CBD strain. Normally you can smell, squeeze and look at a high THC strain and have some knowledge if it will be good or not (on the norm), with a high CBD strain that is low in THC its not so easy. Best thing you can do is check to see if it has been tested for potency and the date it was tested. They are very popular in Cali. Not so much for smokers but for tinctures and concentrates. Hands down the best pain/inflammation med in the world in a concentrate. Taken properly, its amazing. You want to grow it full term for max CBD's. Harlequin has a 12 week flower time (full term), for most growers who harvest at peak THC who supply the dispensaries (recreational) its 2-3 weeks longer than the norm. So more grow supplies and electric bills (grown indoors). If grown outside its a matter of quicker turnover. People who I know that have smoked it said the same thing as you, 'are these people smoking it have the placebo effect'? Vaping I heard the same thing. I've vaped it and couldn't tell the difference in my pain. So if it works for them it works. That is why when you 1st joined I suggested cannabis concentrated oil with a CBD blend for your chronic pain. My Wife tried a tincture after a surgery (hated oxycodone) and tried Grandpa Tom's Tincture that was touted 1.5% CBD. It took pain away for 3-5 hours that oxycodone wouldn't touch. Have you seen 'Pure Gold" in your local dispensaries? The concentrate is the one I'm referring to. Just curious.

Out of curiosity how much is your renewal fee for New Mexico?

I would like to mention even though your reviews might not get many responses from people directly in New Mexico, it still gives many people in other states some insight on the strains you discuss. Even around the world.

Thank you and will do. I'm mothering some Hindu Kush for a nighttime oil and Harle-Tsu for a daytime blend. I'm anxious to start the next grow.

Take care painkills2 :Namaste:


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Thanks for your detailed explanation on high CBDs -- I think I finally understand. The way you've described it, CBDs work kinda like a super-aspirin, especially for inflammation. And because so many different kinds of pain originate with inflammation, this would explain it's benefits, especially taken orally.

I've tried different prescription anti-inflammatories to decrease pain levels and had absolutely no success. But I do take aspirin every day, as I understand how inflammation acts to negatively affect almost all regular body functions. I would like to try high-CBD cannabis oil -- I would also like to splurge on a well-designed vape pen. But these things are luxuries.

I've never heard of "Pure Gold," but I believe all of our dispensaries carry various kinds of extracts, including oils. Since the NM Department of Health mandated testing for edibles as of this year, I hope to see more of the dispensaries do so.

I've seen some crazy THC levels associated with these extracts, but that's really not what I'm searching for. You know there's a different effect when smoking than with edibles, and it is the effect from smoking that helps me manage daily pain. And if I'm ever able to afford treatment with high-CBD oil, I would expect that I would see an improvement in the long run -- but chronic pain relief is on a minute-to-minute calendar, not one that looks too much into the future. (Hard to plan for the future when you're poor, too.)

Yes, it's a shame I can't grow... "Life's a bitch and then you die" has always been one of my favorite sayings. :D

The renewal fee of over $300 is the toll I have to pay through two different doctors to certify that I still suffer from intractable pain. (There is no fee to apply for a card with the state.) Because, you know, degeneration can sometimes miraculously be cured. I could also be looking at having to update MRIs and any other tests a pain specialist decides need to be updated. Then, my application would ultimately end up on the desk of Dr. Rosenberg at the Department of Health, a fairly recent appointee who has garnered a reputation for denying renewals (and a pain specialist who refused to certify me via email a year ago).

As for the interest of patients in other states for the strains found in New Mexico -- sorry, I don't agree with you on that. Strains vary too much from location to location for that information to be of much use to patients like me. Now, for growers, it'd be different.

And as a grower, have you heard anything about the Gorilla Glue #4 strain?

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If you know some growers see if you can get some male leaves. 3-5% CBD on the leaves would make an awesome tincture for pain. Considering my wife tried some tincture that was at 1.5% CBD and took care of 'after surgery' pain that oxycodone wouldn't touch for 3-4 hours (application under the tongue). Its ironic that the states that have MMJ in place but the dispensary's cater to the euphoric crowd. Not all, but certainly most. Check out some famous dispensary's concentrates percentages, hardly any CBD/CBN. Its a shame you have medical issues, have legal access (in certain states of course) go searching for some excellent meds and alas come home disappointed. Again, not all dispensary's but most. Its a catch 22 scenario for them as well. They have to make profit to keep the doors open and bottom line is the 'recreational' is the bread and butter. The MMJ is catching on but will take time. The part that is puzzling however is that you can keep the herb/oil stored correctly for quite some time without loss of potency and in some cases increase the potency through the curing process. Only thing I can think of is just leaving it out under the lights for so long ruins the potency? I would love to find a good partner and start up a dispensary/wellness clinic. That is truly passionate about helping people instead of greed. There is 'honest' profit to be had while healing people with the best medicine in the world. Just a thought, thinking out loud. In fact, something I will put on top of my list to look into.

I've only had two grows under my belt. Blue Dream, Harlequin and Lemon Haze on my first with Fire OG on my second. Very happy with my first grow while the second was very potent the yield was lacking and it seemed like I had to live in the grow room.

Currently I'm mothering two Hindu Kush and one Harle-Tsu for my next grow. I'm in the process of switching from ebb and flow to top feed, drain to waste. I'm thinking of trying beemerbills thread on 'gaslight' method throughout the veg.

I had an opportunity to get a 1/4 lb. of Gorrilla Glue #4. I smoked some before I made some concentrate with it and it kicked my head in to be sure. Once I made the concentrate and vaped some it turned into a space walk. As a concentrate it was extremely high in THC (great for cancer treatment) but had no CBD for pain/inflammation. Just the way it was harvested at peak THC. With a high CBD strain it would be on the top for a daytime cancer treatment. It also was the most I've pulled making a concentrate, 4.5 grams an ounce. Also had a reddish amber color concentrate (lightest color I've made). I wish I could of had samples from mid-term, full term harvest samples.


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Any growers I know are fully utilizing every part of their homegrows... aren't you?

There's a difference in treating post-surgical pain and chronic pain, so I don't think your wife's experience would be the same as mine. And as far as oxycodone is concerned, it is my opinion that the benefits of that drug for treating pain are more hype than reality. I'm not saying it doesn't work, but I think it causes enough negative side effects to end up being not very useful for a large percentage of patients.

And while a lot of people talk about the positive effects of cannabis with high CBDs, it has been my experience that if CBDs are close to or over 1%, it decreases the strength of the THC. I haven't seen much reporting on this issue, so I don't understand it completely. I can only use my own personal experiences to judge at this point.

And while CBDs are great (just like aspirin), they are not strong enough to treat intractable pain -- for that, you need high THC.

If the GG#4 kicked your ass when you smoked it, then why make it stronger through extracts? And have you heard of Triple Purple?

It would be great to start a collective... If I had not just spent a year and a large personal investment experimenting with dispensaries in New Mexico, and if collectives were even allowed in New Mexico. I wish you luck in pursuing a better set-up for patients than dispensaries are turning out to be. :peace:

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I only do the bud/flower concentrate's for a small group of friends, my wife and I. The leaves I give to someone I know that does tinctures, bakes, etc.

Concur with post-surgical and chronic pain. I know two people who have had surgery on their shattered heal bones (one jumped a fence and the other fell off a roof, about 6 months apart) and have been using the concentrate. The only issue they have it seems in when it gets cold and damp the pain returns, they do a little booster of the concentrate (high cbd & thc). One had the traditional steel pin method (done in Mexico) and the other used a newer technique 'bonding/gluing'. The one with the stainless steel pins the damp/cold effects his pain more often but its very manageable, he just uses a little more concentrate. My opinion of man made pain meds is they seem to work for awhile and once that stops working effectively people start upping their dose and then its progressive addiction. For me personally they did little for the pain but excelled in feeling lethargic.Then you have the side effects. The concentrate works effectively every time. Every cannabis concentrate I make always has a high CBD strain as well as a high THC strain except for nighttime which is as pure of Indica I can get . It is not only a great cancer medicine but in a preventive maintenance use it excels as well.

You're absolutely correct about high CBD strains effecting the strength of THC. Especially in the concentrates it is more pronounced. I rarely smoke during the day time while using the concentrated oil. It would be a waste and I have to much to do, so I enjoy my smoke at the end of the day when the concentrate weakens and I'm ready for my nighttime regimen.

CBDs excel over aspirin in my opinion. One is a plant extract and the other man made. That being said I would prefer aspirin to the heavy pain meds. Having a high CBD/THC oil covers the spectrum.

Yes, it would be great to start a collective. Especially stocked with medicine for the medical side. It probably would be a slow start until the word got out it is on the medical side of things. I know of some really elite growers, it would be convincing them to grow high CBD strains.

Thank you for the well wishes. :Namaste:


Kinda late posting on the dispensary reviews but what the hell.
Visited MJExpress-o in Las Cruces ( Dona Ana really) the first time recently. It's located in a tiny strip mall on Thorpe Rd., a few blocks west of the Circle K at the Dona Ana Exit (I-25).

MJExpress-O allows registered clients to come in when they need to rather than make an appointment 24 hours in advance. I think most of us who are in genuine need of medical marijuana relief can relate to having a bad day/night/episode and using more than usual and finding ourselves out of medicine. When you need it, you need it today, not in 24 hours.

We were met by the very friendly door man and ushered into the lobby of sorts with chairs, some misc, magazines, and a black board menu of that day's strains.( I didn't take note of everything on it, sorry.) After the customers being served were led out we went in the service room ( for lack of a better phrase atm) the two young ladies were friendly and helpful and assisted me in purchasing 3.5gm Humboldt Grape, 3.5gm Dead Head, a Bhang Ice chocolate bar and a delicious black cherry sucker for just over $100. There were roughly 8-10 strains available, top trim for cooking, candies, tinctures and $5 joints that could safely be referred to as a "Texas Pin Joint" as they were of good size.

Satisfied with my purchases. Good quality, big, seedless, smooth flavored bud which weighed out a bit over the 3.5gm on the label. The Bhang chocolate was creamy and yummy with a bit of weed aftertaste but worth it for the body relaxation and emotional calm.. The black cherry sucker was as I said earlier - delicious- and I will be picking up several more in every flavor (the apricot got a great review too) when I go back tomorrow.


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Because I have jaw problems, I'm always looking for things I don't have to chew... If you don't mind me asking, what kind of effect did you get from the sucker? Was it labeled by milligram dosage? I'm still trying to figure out how to measure the milligram dosage in a joint -- I've seen different views on what that would be, you know, depending on the THC/CBD percentages in the bud.

I didn't get much (if any) benefit from the edibles I tried... Can you compare the effects between the edibles and the smokeables?


No, not dosage labeled (the chocolate is). It was considerably less potent than the chocolate. (have you tried Bhang bars? You don't need to chew, jut let the creamy stuff melt in your mouth?) The sucker wrapper says it takes 30 - 60 minutes to take effect. For me it was just a sense of slowing down I guess. I felt some relaxation but I could probably get more real relief if I did as the door man said and keep one in my mouth most of the time. For the most part I'm looking to enhance or fill in where RX meds aren't making it, to keep the panic in check long enough. I think for real pain the chocolate is more the thing, or just go with tincture under the tongue but eeeeeww I hate the taste.

The chocolate brings a pressure in my head first, not a headache but pressure like behind my eyes. I start feeling the same kind of muscle effect I get with alcohol, sort of a cramp but without the pain (I know, makes no sense but thats it). Then I feel relaxed and sleepy for about an hour. Vaping hits me faster and "harder" and if I'm in an episode and seconds count it is a must but for a quiet evening or to boost my sleep meds the chocolate is nice. The more I eat the harder it hits but can make my mind race if I overdo.


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I really, really love chocolate, but I don't think the flavor is strong enough to cover the cannabis taste in edibles (which I'm not fond of at all). I had a pumpkin harvest bar once with enough cinnamon and other spices that did a pretty good job of covering up the taste, along with some (very) salty snacks -- but really, it seems you can't escape that taste. Not that I didn't give it that old college try, or that I will stop trying... I've been wanting to try a Bhang bar because they've gotten really good reviews. Maybe one day.

I only tried one tincture, and it was an alcohol-based one. (Double ewwww and owwww -- it stung my mouth.) The sucker sounds like a good deal for you -- you could take that anywhere. (But maybe you'll have to carry around a toothbrush, too.)

Although I have constant pressure in my head, I think I know what you mean -- holding my breath kinda creates that pressure, until I release it, and then I have to wait a few seconds before the pressure goes away, and I can feel the effect. To be honest, I'm not really fond of that pressure either. Good thing the effect makes up for it. :)

I'm so thrilled that you're finding products that help you.


I had CannaCocoa before bed last night. Serenity Cannabis Chocolate I liked it enough to go back today for two more bags. (and some Psychedelic Kush. I sure will be glad when our crop is in. We saw the first tiny buds the day before yesterday. So proud :cheer: )
The cocoa is more a real cocoa flavor as opposed to "hot chocolate" so it's less sweet. They taste very good (like you I have a rough time with the weed flavor) and I recommend it. It was available in "50mg THC" and 25, both in bags of 2.10z. You need to mix it with whole milk for the fat but I can make the sacrifice and it says 8oz but I needed more moo juice than that. I slept pretty good after a big mug. Anyway, its worth a shot at bedtime.


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Oh, no, milk... I don't even use milk to cook anymore. Not that I'm some sort of expert chef or anything, but I do make a mean peanut butter brownie. I used to eat a lot of ice cream too, but I guess tastes change as we age. Although it sounds like I could make an exception for the CannaCocoa, especially as my diet shifts to a more liquid one.

Is it weird that I'm as excited as you about your sprouting buds? And I know it's a lot of work, but I hope you are able to keep track of the costs for growing your own... I'd be very interested in seeing the price per gram for your homegrow. Along with the kind of yield and strength you're able to get.

It's very exciting! Now I can see why some growers harvest early -- this waiting really tests one's ability to be patient. :D


Is there another milk you use for cooking that has some fat content? You just need to heat it to boil, but not boiling. I am a fat-free milk kinda gal ( Silk Chocolate is some yummy stuff too) but I did like the cocoa enough to buy a whole milk gallon today. My husband is overjoyed :19: . He's been feeling deprived since I cut him down to 1%.

Oh, and the first little bloom pics will be posting later. Nothing spectacular but damn it BUDS. I cant speculate the cost (bought a SuperCloset 3.0 LED and using the nutes & lights that came with. Next grow might be more accurate, I dunno. I'll ask the spouse' opinion.) The cabinet was not cheap ( I posted about it on a thread someone else started on the 3.0)


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I think the combination of butter and cannabis will suit me best. And your husband is right -- 1% might as well be white-colored water. I'll look for your pics. :)
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