Curso's True High Brix!

So much want.

Those look delicious. :thumb:

Man those muffins were fantastic!!! No joke. I am looking forward to making the seasonal muffins this harvest. Apple, cinnamon, walnuts and maybe some raisins, you know the usual suspects.

Remember when or if you make muffins that....They freeze very well and thaw fast. You can pull one from the freezer and leave it on a counter for 20 minutes and it'll be ready to go. Honestly Muffins are my favorite way to medicate. I make sweet things like cookies and bars and such. My nephew had asked for something more savory than sweet. So muffins were born.

One muffin, a bulletproof coffee and a joint make for a fantastic day...
I bet. That's defo a recipe for a good day man. :cool:

It really is a fantastic start to the day. No Joke.

On another note..We all miss BID. Yep his ramblings were some entertaining shit. I do miss the big guy. I said I would do a BID strain and my friend helped me out. Was only fitting because BID was such a giving guy. So...To Seth..We're going to do Purple #1 x OPP. Much love for the gift bro!!!

It seems that many of us HB growers have become sponsored growers. That's a fantastic thing. Like Doc says "excellence opens doors". That holds true.

However, that also leads us to not wanting to spam our sigs in our buddies newly sponsored threads. So, please feel free to continue using this thread as an ave for us to still bullshit and talk kit and all that jazz....
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