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Curtis Warren Could Walk Next Week

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Drugs baron Curtis Warren could be set free next week.

On Monday (28th March) the UK Privy Council will announce their verdict on whether Judge Sir Richard Tucker was right to allow illegally obtained evidence to convict Warren and his gang in Jersey.

Warren 47, once Interpol's most wanted man, was sentenced to 13 years in jail in December 2009, for conspiracy to import cannabis into Jersey.

But the evidence used to convict Curtis and five others was obtained illegally by Jersey Police.

In February this year the UK Privy Council sat for two days hearing evidence from Warren's QC, Orlando Pownall. Mr Pownall argued without the illegally obtained evidence, Jersey police had nothing to convict Warren.

But the Crown's QC David Farrer said Judge Sir Richard Tucker had made the correct decision and the legal system's integrity was never in doubt.

Since February's hearing Jersey Police have employed the Hampshire constabulary to conduct an independent inquiry into the events surrounding the decision to bug a hire car used by Warren's co-convicted in France, despite French authorities refusing permission.

If the Privy Council agree the evidence was not permissible, then Warren could walk free from Belmarsh prison. A decision in Warren's favour could also set in motion future Privy Council hearings from anyone convicted by illegally obtained evidence

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