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Custom Grow Tents


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Hey guys,

I've been reading this forum for a little while now, researching, collecting stray pieces of information here and there and I finally feel ready to build my set-up.

The only issue is, none of the tents fit my requirements, and ALL the grow tent brands offer the exact same specifications. So I decided to go and see if I could have a custom one made to suit my needs. Which are 2.25m in length, 75cm in width and 2.25m in height. The standard ceiling height in the UK is 2.4m so it seemed a waste not to use that extra headroom, especially when so many people have problems with plants getting too tall. Also, I want my supports to be strengthened as LED are getting heavy and I'm scared the plastic corners or thin metal beams will give way and break my LED AND crush my plants. Unfortunately, I haven't found a manufacturer yet that this is willing to make that sort of single order

Then I thought perhaps other growers might be having the same problem? So tell me guys, do any of you have a grow room space that you can't find a tent for? If I get enough positive responses, I'll be able to convince them that there is a market for single custom orders or at least a wider range of sizes.


P.S Do LEDS make use of mylar? If not, we could have tents made without it and save on cost


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PVC pipe as a frame, panda film, hot glue gun and duct tape. I built my tent for less than 25 pounds ($40). It's still operational after two years.
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