Cuts but no space for clones yet? -save your cuts ! a how to guide


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Over the course of a conversation yesterday it occurred to me I've never stopped to share this tip nor have I personally read it anywhere, I used to do this with my kale and tomatoes so didn't think twice about doing it with mj.

-new sterile razor blade
-a plant to cut from (duh ;))
-a paper towel
-Ziploc bag
-fridge with a veggie crisper (veggie drawer - if u have an adjustable that allows u to store meat IR veggies slide it all the way to veggies)

First, were gonna take our paper towel and fold it hotdog style 2 times.

Then dampen the towel and give a light ringing (about as moist as u would keep your jiffy plug)

Then take your cuts

and strip/prep than as you would when cloning.

Lay them cut end onto the damp paper towel and fold the bottom over

Then fold the short end over pressing between the cuts to help keep them seperated.

Roll them up using the remainder of the towel

Place them in a bag (be sure to label the bag if using multiple strains) and mist them. Close the bag 3/4 of the way to allow airflow but trap humidity

Place in fridge

Check them every 2-3 days if they're dry mist em again.

Typical she'll life is a week but have had them root after up to 15 days in the fridge. If the have gone limp they will not root. Don't waste the plugs.

I frequently use this route with great success, while its not ideal to all situations, I do hope it helps someone in a pinch. Sucks to wanna keep a strain but have nowhere to put a clone yet. I hope this helps someone hold onto something great.


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Awesome information man. I saw once before that you could do this but never saw anything in depth about it lol. And now you have done just that. Thank you very much. :thanks: :Namaste:


Plant of the Month: April 2013
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