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Cuttings looking bad after 10 days - troubleshooting pls


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exactly ten days ago, I got 12 cuttings and re-potted them an hour later into my standard growing soil. the strains afe ak47 and chronic, they came in stonewool cubes and i potted them in with the cubes still on them.

ever since, the cuttings seem to have been under quite some stress as they dont look very good.

my setup is:
homebox L
adequate air circulation (dont know the exact specs)
400W lighting about 80cm away
soil is "plagron allmix" which is a growing mix with nutrients and perlite
tap water

If you look at the images, you can see that some of the plants are getting rather pale, some leafs are folding and or are malformed. on some leafs you can see crispy parts or brown spots but only very few. the plants were in night-mode when i took the pics.

now my question is: is that nomal stress after potting the cuttings? are there too many nutrients in the soil? did I water too much/little?
if its overnutrition, should I still flush even after they have already been like that for almost 10 days?

do you think they will recover and will it mean less yield?

thx in advance!

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