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cycle of a steady stash


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Hello I would like some help here,
alright so heres a situation a plant is basically ready to cut now there 2 replacements tossed into flower room to replace one thats about to get cremated, theres 2 vegging as well.
my issue is I need help with a schedule when do I move from stage to stage (clone veg flower)....I just need a time frame. for eg
plant is ready to harvest move veg into flower room at x time, start clones at x time so I can synchronise everything. please help.


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it depends on how long your vegging and how long your strains take to flower.. lets assume it takes 9 weeks to flower, that means if you want to pull one a month, you would need to have plants about 4 weeks apart each. ex. i have 2 in flower, i have 2 in veg, when the 2 in flower are done, the one veg plant should be ready to start flowering. I will let it flower for 4-5 weeks, then put the next one in. but I will need to have my clones or seeds started just before my first veg plant goes into flower. then when it comes out of flower, the second plant should be 4-5 weeks from finishing, and I will have a clone or seed that is about 9 weeks old, ready to slide into flower. I would like to veg for 10 weeks or better though so I may have to start my clones or seedlings earlier. Also take into consideration that the clones will take a couple of weeks to root before they start to grow. I plan on keeping all of my plants 3-4 weeks apart in veg.


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do you have a calendar in your house anywhere?

why not put a mark on a day, then calculate forward the veg period, then put another park in the calendar to flip to flower.

somewhere along the way, calculate the periods required for germ, veg and flower, place dates accordingly in the calendar?


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That's a great idea. Io do have a day timer marking out all my findings I also have microscope slides of each grow during final 4 weeks of flower. I have a cloudy idea for veg time as my last one was probably 3 months. From germination I fried them when they first sprouted one died the other was basically dormant for 2 weeks at the stage of the first 2 leaves! Lucky it suddenly decided to march on. Using clones from the day they are ready for the real world what's a good amount of time to veg. Keep in mind I'll have just the one plant flowering so most yield needed
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