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Cylent1's Indoor LED Hawaiian Snow Scrog


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Hello everybody! :welcome:
Been a while since I been on 420mag, But I,m back and ready to start a new journal.:blunt:
I have recently since my last journal, bought a LED/Tent grow kit, So I'm super stoked to take my little experience and knowledge in growing 420 to the next level.

I will be updating my journal with pic's/video on a weekly basis usually on Friday's.
I will also be growing my first reg/fem, Scrog style. I have never scrogged b4 so this is new to me.
I will take you through my setting up, germination, vegging, flowering, and budding stages, and whatever in between, till the end.

My Setup: - 4x4x7 Lighthouse Hydro Grow Tent
- Mars II 1200w LED / 12 - 23w CFL's
- 6 Inch Inline Fan With Carbon Filter
- 4x3.5 Scrog

I'm Growing: - x1 Hawaiian Snow - from seed
- Happy Frog Soil mixed 30% more perelite
- Fox Farms Trio Nutrients
- 10 Gallon Tote

My seeds should be here in the next couple of days, in the meantime, I decided to start my journal just to be ahead of myself. lol So hang tight and I will update you guys with some pics of my grow setup, and also HOPEFULLY be able to start the germination process. :smokin:


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Well here is some pics of my setup.
Notice the 2 plant's budding nicely? They are Auto Think Different's from Dutch Passion.
They are about halfway through the bud stage.
They won't be included in this journal.

1st pic: overall setup

2nd pic: another angle

3rd pic: pic of my scrog that i will be using this grow (haven't made up my mind if I wan't to hang it or put it on legs)

4th pic: My exhaust system

5th pic: my temp/humidity gauge

6th pic: shot of the Fox Farm Nutes brand new that I will be using this grow

7th pic: my 10g tote i will be growing in (me and the wifey both mixed the soil couple of night ago)

8th pic: my nute chart

9th pic: my piece

I think I'm gonna hang my cfl's back up to take nicer pics.

Still no seeds.:hmmmm:
Seems to be taken a while. lol
But they will be here, and as soon as they are, I will start the germ process.


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I received my seeds Saturday.
I went ahead and started germinating my Hawaiian Snow Reg/Fem last night.

And there she is germinating.
I use the paper towel method to germ, I never had a bean that didn't germ this way.
Back with more very soon.


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Today I planted my germinated bean into it's 10 gallon container, slightly watered around the planted zone with
a 1/2 dose of recommended FF Big Bloom. :MoreNutes:

2morrow I will slightly water around the planted zone again, but this time with plain water.
In the meantime I also germinated a couple of auto's (1x Smokey Bear Auto, 1x Northern Lights Blue Auto) to grow along with the Hawaiian Snow. I'm gonna need some :lot-o-toke: to hold me over till my main harvest.

Will update again real soon.
As soon as she starts taking off, I will then update only on fridays.


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