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Czech Marijuana Smokers To Be Treated More Moderately

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Prague, Aug 27 (CTK) - The authors of a planned amendment to the Penal Code are proposing much lower sentences for marijuana smokers or intoxicating mushrooms eaters, the daily Právo wrote Monday.

The amendment authors are even considering making the growing of cannabis in small amount and for one's own need unpunishable, the paper adds.

The moderation of punishments would be made possible thanks to the definition and introduction of a new crime called the illegal growing of plants containing intoxicating or psychotropic substances.

Thanks to this, marijuana smokers would be distinguished from hard drugs producers, while so far they have been viewed as the same, the daily writes.

The possession of less serious drugs for one's own need would be punished by a maximum of one year in prison, and the growing of marijuana in the amount "bigger than small" would be punished by only six months, the daily writes.

Under the current law, the producers of any drugs are punished by one to five years in prison.

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Source: The Prague Daily Monitor
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Website: Právo: Czech marijuana smokers to be punished more moderately
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