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D335's 1st Post & 1st Grow - Ice Wreck & Morpheus

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Actually the title lies.... I planted some bag seed round my swimming pool in pots over the summer, and had a learning lesson of watching it grow through its stages, right down to my early harvest (with good reason) and then the drying and curing of some early buds. A fun little experience that didn't cost a $cent and has given me much more info and knowledge for the true first grow.......

I then went out and grabbed,
4x4x7 Grow Tent,
400W HPS
6 Inch Fan, ducting, carbon filter, and air cooled Hood Light.

Im growing in Pro Mix HP, Im feeding with DNF Dutch Nutrient Fertiliser currently at 1/3 strength at about 5.8-6 Ph.
Im a week into the grow, so dont have a mass of info yet, but heres a whole bunch of pictures to get the Thread going.

Its going to be interesting as I live in Ontario and growing this in an Insulated garage - Lighting at night, and venting in to garage keeps the double sized garage warm..... IM hoping I can maintain temps as the days get cold in Nov /Dec pre Harvest...

Germination date 30/8
Plant Date was 1st Sept.

Everyone is growing well, but some weird shaped leaves on the Morpheus before any Nutes added at all - they look like ANGELS.........let em grow, lets see what happens,

Anyway nice to be here, im sure ill be looking for advice during this grow. Roll on the Xmas harvest..

Photos to follow.
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Re: D335's 1st Post and 1st Grow - ICE WRECK AND MORPHEUS

Thanks JakeWilde.... I look forward to the days when our Marijuana laws match yours.

Ive been dropping increasing amounts on product (some good some bad, and sick of chasing it down)- and decided that self sufficiency was in my future...

these are 10 and 12 week flowering strains, so I thought about throwing in an autoflower of around 8 weeks - like maybe Cropkingseeds - Northern Lights or Candy Cane(even revolver) for some early bud.

My main goals with the main grow is an Xmas harvest.

Forgot to put Fan = 442CFM
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Re: D335's 1st Post and 1st Grow - ICE WRECK AND MORPHEUS

Welcome aboard dude. Pulling up a chair if you don't mind :high-five:
Absolutely - and check out these update pics.

Morpheus 1 has a very weird lopsided grow going on - everything on one side seems stunted...see what happens...

Everyone else looks decent - few odd shaped leaves - caught a little light burn on one early in the cycle, but lifted the lights and prevent any further...

Light has been running MH at 300W power setting at about 2.5-3 feet across the last week 18/6

Last pic is a yummy bud of Master Kush.

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Re: D335's 1st Post and 1st Grow - ICE WRECK AND MORPHEUS

Moved everyone into their bigger homes.
roots had hit the bottom of those little beer cups in under 10 days

Now running the light 18/6 at full 400w power and about 2 - 2,5 feet from the plants.
Nutrients in water ph.d at 5.8-6 and about 3/4 strength.

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re: D335's 1st Post & 1st Grow - Ice Wreck & Morpheus

Nutrients now upto about 75 % strength.

Update pics at 15 days of all plants.
Ice wreck 1 and 2
Morpheus 1,2,3

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Re: D335's 1st Post and 1st Grow - ICE WRECK AND MORPHEUS

picked up - 600w dimable ballast and 600W HPS bulb for flowering..
Will stick with the 400w MH during Veg,
could also double up and have 600 and 400 w HPS running...turbo boost at the right point of growth,, if needed,,

That one Morpheus plant in the pics above seems to refuse to grow correct on one side, kinda like its had a plant stroke.
If it turns out to be female, ill maybe bend it over so its one good side sees the light lol.
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re: D335's 1st Post & 1st Grow - Ice Wreck & Morpheus

Yeah Morpheus 1 has been weird since day one, but we are up a set of nodes now and things are looking like they may turn around for M1.
Might even be a male later in the game anyway ?
Ill post a few update pics later today - growing quite fast now the leaves are getting bigger and taking more light..
Also ordered 10 Fem White Widow today from CKS
re: D335's 1st Post & 1st Grow - Ice Wreck & Morpheus

Oh interesting. I'm glad to see your morpheus looking better! I have a batch of CC seeds. Gonna sprout the rest in a bout a month or so. I wanna see how yours do in the mean time. :)
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re: D335's 1st Post & 1st Grow - Ice Wreck & Morpheus

yeah that Morpheus 1 is still being odd, one side grows stunted, the other looks perfect..lol. ill just let it go anyway and see what occurs.
Im adding 3-4 white widow from cropking this week to fill the tent...

After all its xmas soon lol.

Whiite Widow 8 week flower.
Ice Wreck 10 week flower
Morpheus 10-12 week flower.

Thats gonna be a nice spread out 6 week harvest - every two weeks harvest some more ounces...

Today im adding a mini veg area with T5 tube setup - just a mini so i can perpetually feed the flower tent for continuous staggered harvest......
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re: D335's 1st Post & 1st Grow - Ice Wreck & Morpheus

well heres a day 20 update - i think things are looking really good...seems to be good strong growth!
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Genetics Mixed Sativa and Indica
Climate Indoor or Outdoor
Yield 450 gm/ sq m
Height Medium
Flowering Time 10 weeks
Effect Well balanced of cerebral high and intense relaxation
THC Level 20- 25%
Growing Easy

Simply one of the best hybrids out there, Ice wreck is a well balance of Indica and Sativa that just deliver a one of a kind high with equal influence of both. It’s a cross from two of the most prominent strains in the market: Ice and Trainwreck, hence the name. This strain has continued to excel and impress many growers, users, and breeders alike all around the world.

Having both equal amounts of Sativa and Indica in its genes, it incites a certain kind of high that makes you feel uplifted and energized, while your body experiences a mellow and deep relaxed feeling like never before. It’s a very powerful strain yet it does not totally over power you, unless you ingest a great deal amount of it which will provoke a sense of rebound phenomenon which puts you on the extreme end of the spectrum, will really leave you completely wrecked in case. So never underestimate this humble strain which actually contains a powerful arsenal with a staggering 25% of THC underneath its enticingly majestic buds. Its buds are in average sizes which are dense and laced with small spindly hairs all over and wrapped up with glittering white crystals containing THC.

It is a strain suitable for determined beginners to grow because it is relatively easy to cultivate and manage. It can be grown almost anywhere, indoor or outdoor. It doesn’t need much of some special considerations