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Hello friends and 420 family!

I'm back.

Some of you know me most of you may not. Very brief introduction... I am Kyle AKA the mad dabber, dabs ,dabber or even mad dabs. I've been here off an on a while. I found 420 when we moved to Alaska . I was a stay a home dad looking to save money on growing my own weed instead of paying the crazy dispensary prices. With the help of 420 I did just that but decided to follow my ambitions and entered the cannabis industry where I am now a lab technician at on of the states largest manufacturing companies.

My goal today is to give back some good info I have acquired along my journey.

I know since day one people have frequently wondered how to get their hash into a vape pen for vaporization, well I am here with the procedure!!!

The cool part is by making a winterized oil not only can we vape it, but I can be eaten pure (since it is fully decarbed), dissolved in oil for eddibles, dabbed and flat out smoked.

@Grandpa Tokin has a thread I'm sure you are all familiar with and to get a vapable product we really only need continue from a certain point in his thread.

The other option for making oil is to take pre existing shatter, wax, crumble, bubble hash(or essentially most any concentrate that isnt already able to be used in a vape pen) and prepare it for vaping through a process called winterization.

What is winterized oil?

Winterized oil is a cannabis oil that has most of its fats and waxes removed from it.

One would take a product like any raw or crude extract, dissolve it in ethanol, everclear (or less preferred iso) freeze out fats and waxes and then subsequently filter it for a more pure and refined end product.

This is extremely important in making a oil suitable for cartridges because it requires a certain fluidity to properly function.

So we begin at the beginning, the best place to start!

I would suggest using freshly dried and fully dehydrated material for this process, but as you will notice in the tutorial below gramps uses fresh frozen which ultimately should offer a similar end....

Here begins the tutorial for alcohol extraction... my comments and tips will be in GREEN

Hello everyone! Grandpa’s making some killer oils and I want to share the process I go through. The goal with this particular batch is to get the best I can from the material I’m using. I’m in search of trichome heads and as little green (Chlorophyll) as possible.

We want the Everclear to do its job and extract the best of the best. For the first batch, this means no shaking and just swirling the material slightly in the alcohol. This will extract more THC, terps, and goodies the plant has to offer.


With that in mind, let’s make some shatter*VAPE CARTS*

*Warning! This process is extremely dangerous if you don’t take care. I am doing this in a large shop with 12 foot ceilings. I make sure there is adequate cross ventilation by keeping a window and a door open to the outside, and a small fan blowing to help circulate to the outside. This is key to not blowing your ass up! You must also ensure there are no open flames...PERIOD! Alcohol fumes are extremely volatile. Be careful damn it! I will not be responsible for you blowing your house up.

Here’s a list of the components that will be used with current US dollar prices at Amazon:

1. I use this griddle, but there are other less expensive options, $30.94: Toastmaster TM-201GR Griddle, 10 x 20", Black

2. Pyrex dish, $11.09: Pyrex Basics 3 Quart Glass Oblong Baking Dish, Clear 8.9 Inch X 13.2 Inch - 3 Qt

3. Cake pan, I don’t know where I got mine, but this will do, $13.99: Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Biscuit and Brownie Pan, 11 in. x 7 in. (2-Pack)

4. Stainless strainer, $8.99: CHICHIC Set of 3 Stainless Steel Kitchen Fine Strainers Tea Fine Y Mesh Strainers Juice Egg Filter 3 Sieve Colander Sets Wire Filter Mesh for Tea Coffee Food Rice Vegetable with Handle

5. Large mason jars. I use these because they are on-hand, I usually buy these at Walmart, $6.00: 1 Ball 64oz Wide Mouth Half Gallon Mason Jar

6. Unbleached cone coffee filters, the #4s fit the wide mouth mason jars well, $3.99: Melitta No. 4 Cone Coffee Filters, Natural Brown, 100 Count

7. Silicon pad, $11.00: Oil Slick Duo Platinum Cured Medical Grade Silicone Pads, Set of 2, 3.25x4.5" Pads

8. Razor blades.

9. Gloves. It’s sticky-icky!

Please shop around. You can probably find everything cheaper!

The first things I do is gather all my materials. I put the cake pan on the griddle, and put hot water in the cake pan. This is the beginning of a diy double boiler. I turn on the griddle to keep the water hot.

After that I gather the weed, alcohol, mason jars, and filters to begin the process. Today I’m using some fresh frozen bud from my last harvest. The strain is called Amherst Sour Diesel and the seed came from Humbolt.

I then put the material in a mason jar and cover the weed with the Everclear:



I put the lid on the mason jar and let the alcohol and weed just sit for about 15-30 seconds. Then, I slowly swirl (not shaking; remember, we are going for the best of the best here) for another 20-30 seconds.

Since were going for carts we want to pull more than less. Also the low temperature will aid in pulling less undesired compounds.

I WOULD DUMP THE FROZEN ALCOHOL/ ETHANOL / EVERCLEAR OVER THE FROZEN BUD ( ALL IN THE FREEZER WHILE DOOR IS OPEN) let it soak for 1 minute (60 seconds). Open door swish container for 10 to 15 seconds. Let it soak another minute then proceed to the next step (preliminary filtration)

The jar then gets dumped into my stainless strainer. I sit the strainer over a plastic Folgers Coffee container to capture the goodness (naturally it’s been cleaned beforehand and there’s no coffee in it). :tokin:

HUGE THANKS TO GRAMPS for letting me rob that section of his tutorial...

At this point grandpa will continue the soak swirl and strain technique portioning off each seperate swirl into different containers.

The first container should have the most pure solution.

And this is where the processes begin to take a different course....

For our use this doesn't matter as much the idea is just to get as much as we can in that vital 2 minutes and 15 seconds keeping everything as cold as possible!

Okay so now we have a solution of everclear saturated with full spectrum cannabis goodness.


That means we just take that jar.full of ethanol/ everclear/ alcohol and freeze it for 48 hours.

Find the darkest coldest depths of your freezer. And leave the jar for 2 days...

After 2 days you will notice a precipitates forming and falling out of the solution as such....


These jars contain 15 grams of BHO each that was dissolved in 100% ethanol and frozen for a few days.

Now we just simply screw on 2 coffee filters where the lid would go on the Mason jar. Using the ring to secure and thread them in place.

With a glove pour the solution over the coffee filter into a clean pyrex dish for purging.

Once your solution is purged fully and reduced into an oil, it's time to decarb.

Decarbing the oil will prevent it from "sugaring" (the often slow process in which thca Crystal's form within an oil). It also makes our oil ready for eating infusing. Lastly decarbing will prevent any substantial muffing/bubbling from occurring within the cartridge itself.

In the lab at work we do this with a hot plate and stir bar. Since I doubt any of us (myself included) have access to these we will use the pancake griddle.

Simply kick the temps up high. As you may or may not know from this site or else where decarb is a function of time and temperature. High temp less time gives an effective decarb but doesnt preserve many terpenes.

We want a lower temp with a longer time to preserve the most flavor for our concentrate. I would suggest 250° f for 30 minutes to start. Depending on your dish and the the amount of oil it may be far more or less heat. The time should be standard, since the ide is to watch the oil heat up and start to foam up.

Once the foaming stage is complete, and no new bubbles form the decarb is complete.

This isnt the best example cause its hi dress of grand in a beaker on a hotplate, but you can see the "head" forming on the top like a good dark beer. The idea is to add heat until that head dissipates, indicating that the decarb is complete!

And then folks you just use a syringe to wick up you oil and shoot it into a cartridge you have.

It's really that simple.

Put that shit in a cart.
Enjoy :ganjamon:

Here is what you end up with...

2019-11-02 23.29.18.jpg

Cheers folks look forward to bringing you more helpful info as the mag has always done for me!
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I'll take a stab.

Yes, purging is the process of eliminating whatever solvent you used for the extraction. And without testing, there is really no way of "knowing" when it's all gone, which is why QWET is the safest method for home extractors without big budgets. Whatever might be left is just food grade ethanol.


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QWET is quick wash ethanol, which is what is being made at the top of this thread. I haven't tried it yet and I don't know anyone who loads their own cartridges, so I've gone about as far as I can go. I would try that question over in Preston's thread or even over in Grandpa's thread, since MadDab isn't here often.

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QWET (Quick Wash EThanol) is a low cost method, provided you have access to low cost ethanol. Down in the USA where Everclear is available, it's low cost. Here in Canada where the equivalent is $90 CAD / quart, the cost skyrockets. If you use a pot still to recover your ethanol, you may get 75% back for re-use. A reflux column may allow 85% recovery.

In Canada, IMO a rosin press would cost less to own and run, than the QWET method. A rosin press will cost roughly the same as a still. Operating costs are much lower.
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