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Dabpress 10% Off 420 Promotion - Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Press Dp-rp37 Anodized Rosin Cube Caged Plates


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Looking for the best way of enjoying nug bud of cannabis?

Here is our innovative new dab machine to satisfy your flower nug:
Best Rosin Cube Kits With Dual Coil Heater Temp Controller For Sale

Dabpress dp-rp37 Rosin cube caged plates is an innovative machine that extracts high quality rosin. It’s a rosin heat press unit with two anodized 6061 aluminum blocks and four stainless steel columns combined like a cube.

How do we ensure accurate temperature when pressing?
Everybody knows that there are two important elements: pressure and temperature. Accurate working temp guarantees a high rosin yield and it won’t waste your time and money. There are two holes in these rosin plates to deliver and detect the exact temp: one for a rosin temp rod and the other for the temp sensor. Other brands just have one hole.

How do we guarantee food-grade rosin plates?
This rosin cube kit is made of anodized 6061 aluminum which offers a clean working surface for the buds. Columns and other parts are made of stainless steel.

How can we promise that this cube kit will work for a long time?
The durable digital PID controller box is the key point of the device.
A larger-sized controller box provides better heat dissipation. Moreover, the temp controller and electric relay inside are the best we could find in the market. All other parts and accessories are made of only the best quality materials. We also perform a double-check of each product before shipment.

Enjoy your pressing time with our Dabpress rp37 Rosin cube kit!
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