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DaddiSwanga's 1st Outdoor Grow - Bag Seed - Sativa Mids - April 2014


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Good Day Peeps :peace:

I originally started my first plant on 420:tokin::tokin: And I also have 4 other plants ranging in ages from 4 weeks down to a seedling that is 4 days old. With that being said
I put them in small black containers and actually planted two Cannabis seeds in a large ten gallon pot
Thinking it was a good idea before i realized my mistake, as the plants grew very slow compared to the first one that i planted in the little container that grew at a much faster rate. (Perhaps there Indica?)

I have a pomegranate tree in my backyard so I dug up soil from that as I figured it would be fertile enough to start the seedlings out, And I also bought expert gardener plant food fertilizer that is 30-15-30 and I used that on the larger plant once it was 3 weeks old.
(It says it also has all the micronutrients like manganese,calcium, zinc, molybdenum, etc. So should this suffice for now? Longer?)
And then on the smaller ones I also chopped up avocado peel and put it in the soil to add potassium. And I have been putting eggshell water to help out with the acidity of the soil until I get paid this weekend as I plan on buying Fox Farm to transplant them to better soil.

I also put the fertilizer on the smaller plants once they reached 3 weeks of age as well. I noticed some small brown spots and there was quite a bit of spider mites-and I killed most of them and their eggs (hopefully by spraying leaves) by using a gain dish soap solution with water. And the spider mites seem to be gone so do you think the brown spots were from that?

Also i have not sprayed the seedling w/any fertilizer of course, only added extra nitrogen to hopefully help the growing process and photosynthesis. Other than that hopefully the other one is going to start sprouting soon as it was germinated when i planted it two days ago.

One Love y'all!

(Bout to read up on how to load photos Lmao) :Namaste:



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Here goes:


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Well we had another seed sprout!:cheer:
And i must say she is lovely and ambitious as she was tiny, then i wrapped some foil Around the inside of the garden pot, and watered Her and she is already reaching for the sky! :circle-of-love:

So that's 6 plants total with the 2 new babygirls that sprouted up this week (wink)
And the older ones are do for another round of nutes
In a little over a week from now. Thank God so far so good and with the latest transplant i know they'll do their thing!

Would ya'll say the largest plant is ready for topping yet or no?

Happy Growing Y'all! :blunt::;):


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Thank you Lester!:yahoo::48:
What an honor (i tip my hat to you good sir) to have such a knowledgeable veteran take interest in my very first grow Ever! lol :420:

I just finished transplanting the 5 (had to sacrifice the littlest seedling, as i did not have another container on hand so i removed the foil as well lol) sexy Chicas to their new home of this good organic soil that is blood meal and all this other good stuff in it along with a mix of perlite and a feeding of Epsom salt, to hopefully counterbalance the magnesium deficiency I think the oldest one was suffering from earlier in the journal.

So what do you all think? :circle-of-love::thanks::tokin: How do they look so far?

Lester Freeman

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They look good, do we have males in the group? Or do we know sexes yet. It's always a game of chance, sometimes you win, sometimes not. That one tall one in the middle looks like it could be a male. So need to make sure you plant enough to account for the possibility of males. Looks like your on the right track though and with some sunny warm days and a cool breeze I'm sure they will grow like weeds. :surf:

Lester Freeman

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I wouldn't actually "top" the big one, I would "fim" it, meaning pluck off the top most node with your fingers, being careful to leave the little tender leaflets that are coming out of the node region. It should come off real easily.


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Boss. I'm fixing to go do it right now!

and as far as the sexes go I haven't seen the development of pollen sacs OR any pistils i THINK -the ones with the little white hairs yet...So therefore im not sure if they're male or female.

and you're absolutely right relaxed I plan on germinating some more sees this week to better my chances of having more females!
And yes this beautiful warm south Texas weather and pristine breeze should do wonders...:thanks:


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**Saturday Night Update**

So i just got done spraying the spider mite/fungicide/insecticide concoction on all the plants except the two youngest lil mamas. With that being said it uses neem oil and is certified organic (lol) and it hasn't harmed the plants yet, this being the 2nd application.

Say bye to the mites!
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