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Daily Dose: Weight Loss Pill Connected To Marijuana-Related 'Symptom'

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There could be a new weapon in the battle against the bulge, and it has something to do with marijuana. It's an experimental weight loss pill called Taranabant.

Marijuana is known for giving smokers "the munchies" and the new drug reportedly works by blocking the cannanbinoid receptors in the brain, meaning you don't feel hungry, NBC 10 reported.

Local drug maker Merck is testing the pill. In an early study of 500 obese patients, the company said they all lost weight and burned calories while resting.

The drug must still go through many more human trials and be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It won't be available for many years.

Chocolate Triggers Shopping In Women

Two of women's greatest splurges, chocolate and shopping, can be blamed on an extraordinary sense of smell. The aroma of chocolate chip cookies can trigger women to buy a new item of clothing, NBC 10 reported.

A study that debuts next month found that women in a room with hidden chocolate chip cookie scent were more likely to make an impulse buy. The women were 67 percent more likely to shop than woman in an unscented environment. The impulse happened to women who were on a tight budget, also.

Too Much Perfume Related To Depression

What's the real reason why some women douse themselves with too much perfume? Scientific findings suggest these women are depressed. Doctors said depressed people lose their sense of smell and they may be overcompensating by using more perfume.

Source: NBC 10 in Greater Philadelphia
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