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Daily High Club Announces Partnership With Cannabis Culture Legend Tommy Chong

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LOS ANGELES, CA: Daily High Club today announced the launch of a partnership with cannabis legend Tommy Chong to produce the first-ever signature smoking supply box curated by the marijuana icon.

"We are very excited to be working with smoking legend Tommy Chong on this very special collaboration," said Daily High Club founder and CEO, Harrison Baum, "We have looked up to him since we were teenagers, and this is a dream come true. We know our subscribers are going to absolutely love the box and its exclusive co-branded contents!"

Daily High Club simplifies buying smoking supplies, cuts costs, and provides a discreet delivery service for all customers. The company started from a single Reddit post to now having hundreds of thousands of social media followers. The DHC Tommy Chong Signature Smoking Supply Box contains a variety of limited edition products custom made to meet Mr. Chong's vision for the ultimate smoking satisfaction, including: rolling papers, lighters, water pipes, and more — perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

"I saw the awesome glass that Daily High Club makes and I wanted in," said, Tommy Chong, "They're a
talented group of passionate folks and I'm stoked with how the collab turned out, man."

To learn more about the DHC Tommy Chong Signature Smoking Supply Box visit Smoking Supplies | Daily High Club | Subscription Box — DHC. The box is available for individual purchase or as part of a subscription.


About: The Daily High Club smoking subscription box offers all-natural rolling papers and smooth glass.
We hook you up with the latest and greatest without breaking the bank. Daily High Club is quickly
making its way onto the doorsteps of favorites in the community such as Casey Neistat, Tommy Chong,
Waka Flocka, CustomGrow420 and King Lil G. Please visit Smoking Supplies | Daily High Club | Subscription Box — DHC and @dailyhighclub for more awesome smoking supplies.

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Author: Caroline Phillips
Contact: Smoking Accessories Box | Daily High Club - Contact — DHC
Photo Credit: DailyHighClub
Website: Smoking Supplies | Daily High Club | Subscription Box — DHC

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