Dain Bramage's African Safari Grow 2010

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Welcome folks to my latest endevor.An all sub SAHARAN grow.For this project we have obtained three diffrent strain's to work with.

Both types of Power plant are feminized.Ten of each strain was started,with nine from each making it.Of those eighteen I kept twelve and gave the six best to a buddy with a spinal injury.Of the ten Durban Posion seed's only six of them cracked and two did not sprowt from the soil.Last started are the Malawi gold seed's,obtained in a trade for two I.C.E and two SKUNK#1 cutting's from my presant grow.All of the five seed's i germinated cracked with on braking the soil so far,thay were sowen two night's ago.

My soil mix is the same thing I always use
5 parts PRO-MIX BX

To each gallon of this soil-less mix I add
2 Tbsp BAT GUANO 10-2-1
2 Tbsp BONE MEAL 4-12-0

Finaly the containers are given a 16 o.z. watering of GRATE WHITE mycorrhizae.All of the Power Plant's are in three gal. smart pot's ,love those thing's,the other's are in a mix of two and three gal. plastic container's

For this grow I will be useing ALASKEN FISH FOOD 5-1-1 for veging and ALASKEN MORBLOOM 1-10-10 for flowering.I will also be using tea's made from both sea bird and bat guano threwout the grow.Pic's in the A.M to frazeld to try now:tokin:
Well have some photos ready to go up a.s.a.p. but I have other work first found some spider mite damage on the plants that are in the last three weeks of harvst .wont' use cemical's this far in only soap and some water mostly plan to remove all of the fan and finger leaves off as well as the bottom growth i use to make puna butter some plant might be ready now but i prefer the flavor and head with a late harvest.I also found a mazari-sharif sprowted dosn't go with the theam of this project but it my work for breeding oh well pic to follow latter





:tokin:Been gone to long forgot how to post pick's(will wait to smoke next time)

Well all these been's were started on the 7 of August and the photo's are more then a few days old.Right now thay are under a mixed spectrum of t-5 bulbs(8 bulb's@4 ft.)Thay get load's of light from these bulb's and I find thay stay shorter then under H.I.D. lights and thats fine for me.Now all of these strains are tall grower's so on some of these plants I will be useing the LOW STRESS TRAINING method to controll hight.While the other's will be put into flowering at a hight of 12 inche's and thay will probably still turn out to be big ass monster's:morenutes:LOL

Still have to label the plants in the old plastic container's.The one's in the smart pot's i just staple a new index card too it is helpfull for righting myself note's on a plant's up keep.I have another grow comming into the last few week's if not days so will be of to take cair of that for now...So peace from the beach....:surf:
For this grow i will be steping away from using the full line of Advanced Nutriant's prouducts and going back to my root's in growing.The main reason being cost,I would use as many as 20 diffreant ingredient's threw the span of grow cycle.I will still be using them as I just can't aford to get rid of them and some of thier bloom boosting prouducts I will always use.

For this grow tho it will be fish,bird's and,bats that will be making up the back bone of my feeding program.Also this is not to be considerd an organic grow by anymean's.Todays feeding was made up of...

Each three gal. container is given 3 quart's of this mix after thay are pre soaked with a quart of water that has been mixed with SENSIZYM @100 ML PER GAL. and WET BETTY@ 36 ML PER 5 GAL. to brake the surface tention of the soil and to make sure that there are no dry spot's in the root ball.This is normaly done 20 minutes befor the other three quart's of water are added.
The WET BETTY makes it eazer for the root's to take in nutriant's and the SENSIZYM help's to brake thing's down in the soil for the benifical microb's and fungi to eat and grow on.The NIRVANA is a new product from advanced nutrients is made with sea weed and kelp as well as other good stuff that will accelerate root growth as well as supplycarbohydrates to give the plants the suger's it will need to grow.The DARK ENERGY is some stinky stuff and i don't know to much about it but I think it is why my plant's hold on to thier fan leave's till the day thay are cut down.The ALASKAN FISH FOOD is what i will be using this grow for veging,slightly modifide as you can read.Well that's it for right now folk so peace from the beach.....:surf:
Two of the POWER PLANT girls are reacting to yestrday's feading with some leaf curl so flushed them out with a gallon of water each,the rest seem to love it growing bigger over night.Went and got some one ft. chains to put the t-5 light's on this way I can keep them closer to the top of the canopy.As i harvest my currant grow i will pick the six best plants and move them under the h.p.s light's and start them flowering while the other's will begin L.S.T. while still under the t-5 light's

I normaaly veg. under 24 hrs. of light but will be doing only 18 hrs. on and 6 off this time around.My reason's are to try and keep the plant's smaller when thay are put into flowering and I also read some place that a 24 hr. light cycle grow will average's more male's then if you give them only 18 or 20 hrs. of light.

Picked up some X-L pappers in the city today,like a kid in a candy store,aslo some hemp papper's and the clear see threw one's thay look like plastic...oh well of to the beach to try one out so talk to to u folks later peace...:surf:
Well we are back gang just me the wife and the cat ya we take our cat to the beach but we dont dress him up he also gose on the boat and love's to work in my garden.

WOW SLOWING DOWN HERE,whay higher then i should be had to be the hash oilwe puy on the papper.The kid took a nug and stuck it in his jar of honey oil colud not finish it still hae halh a bowl.yo and we were doing this with white diesel i keep in a masson jar and only smoke it with my wifewhen we go walking some place wood park beach.total body high makes you feal happy a little trippy.

a kid (i grew uo with the family)who is taking cair of his brothes house Atlantic beach people $$$$ well he came in yesterday from colorodo and brought three type of oil with him took a pin rubed it on the cannaon i brought to smoke but he said it ha to dry so i took out a bud and he just stuck it in a jar then thumb packed my wifes bowl well when she hit i thought i was going to loose her,she coughed so hard face went beat red chocking but would not pass the bowl till she got a bettr hit.Now when i got it next it was a glowing red,so by working the carb i full mixed flavor of the honey oil all dank and hashy mixing with thr sourgrapefruit floavor of the white deisel.yummy.even better was smoking the king size joit with the oil allover it.well the three of us sat there joaking laughing and having fun for well over an hour till the cop's cam and chaced us up to the board walk where we we went our sepret ways
Huston we have a problem the spider mite infesation the budding chamber has broken free and now have found them in the new garden.What is the best way to deal with this on juvinal plant's?Will be harvesing all infected plants to day,but what to do with that bud?Going to garden store not hydro store but thay are big and cool to talk to about my"tamato's" LOL wink and a nod.It's all good tho becuse his price's are better then any of the local N.Y.C. Hydro store's.

Planning a huracain party for friday at the bordwalk in long beach should be fun but more on that later peace....:surf:
:popcorn:Well that hurricain was a bust for us here on Long Island.No rain or wind to speak of as of 5p.m. oh well....The PURE POWER PLANT'S are looking like thay are a week or more ahead oh the others.The MALWIA still has a lot of catching up to do.The POWER PLANT srains are feminzed so thay wont be used for breading seed's but the others will.I just went and got of the"Cannabis Breaders Bible" and will begin reading right after i get off line with you folk's.Crossing the durban to the malwia could be stunning also throwing in some afgani genetic's with the mazari-sharif could be interesting.

As i faze out my advanced nute's i will be adding some of the canna prouducts LIKE CANNA PK14/14 CANNA Boost Accelerator,work's with the pk 13/14 but aint cheap 83$ for a litter,so I got 8.45 oz of a litter and cannazym.Still picked up a 50 gram jar of turantula to help liven up soil.I still plan to use mostly ,bird,fish and bat's to provide the nutriants my garden will need.Along with some seaweed andkelp I will be making teas to give the root's nutriants thay can eazaly abzorb.As well as flush out quickly without leaveing behind salt build up's.I alway's have made my own teas but this time aroungd as well as ordeing the dry BUDSWEL I use as a soil dressing and to make tea's from I also order'd the BUDSWEL SUPER TEA to try out.The canna pk13/14 combined with canna boost accelerator will be used to bring on faster and more blooms as well asbring out more of the smells and flavor's in the budthats it for now folk's...so peace from th beach....:surf:
Smoked some more of that hash oil last night and thought it would be thicker like maple syrup but it does work thats for sure.

Doing my best to control the spider mite invasion till I harvest.All fan leavs and most of the trim have been removed from the plants as i flush them.I have three plant's that could go a little longer befor being cut down but so be it.

Found some sign's of spider mite damage on one of the Durban poision seedlings.So will inspect each plant and spray with safer insecticidal plant soap at 1/2 strength for the first time.Also thinking of trying neem oil but will have to read up on it first and the rest of the growroom is going to be bleached.I HATE BUG'S
Lots of work today but here are som pics of the first plants to be put into flowering









Some new stuff lets see how it works out


some I.C.E. bud harvested at day 64 of flowering so thats all for now will have pics or the other three plants that are going to flowered up when i can till then....peace from the beach
the photo's don't show how dark green the leaves on the Pure Power Plant are.The durban is a much normal color of green.Have the first seven plant's picked to be moved into flowering.Going to try neem oil 1/2 strenth to kill of these mite's off was told to add a drop of ivory dish detegant into the mix to help the neem oil mix instead of useing somthing like coco wet.thats all for today folk's later....peace
Hello all just back from the beach went for a cold swim and a long walk,smoked a fatty of the skunk#1 feminized from SENSI SEED'S It was about a gram and a half little more probably used a king size celuose papper.

The flavor was sublime fruity and dank in the same hit,that sweat skunk that the dutch are grate at growing.As I exhale threw my nose you get that dank rotten skunk smell that is so good.Not a lot of nutes the last 4 weeks none for the last 2.Their is none of that snap crackel and pop you get from over fed or improperly flushed plants.The high was electric with a bit of a spacey head.Felt more HIGH than STONED made the walk energetic put a shine on the crisp morning that was nice.I found it helped with the pain in the leg,had a really bad burn the worst type 3rd degree a lot of surgury,It also messed with my head.So for me i would give this bud a 9.5 out of 10 for a day time medical smoke.So spaced trying to type this out so going to go for now and do something with this buzz....peace:tokin:

Started to follow your journal, so far it looks like a great harvest in your future. I am in my second grow inside, using a SCROG on my 4 sativa strain. and training on the indica strain. good luck.
Can't wait to see how this turns out. :popcorn:

And I'm enjoying the little smoking adventures you throw in the mix! Good stuff!

Thanx for tuning in.Have to say i am not sure how this grow will turn out but it will be a fun ride:slide:

Mondays adventure is going to the city to get parts to fix my bong.:roorrip:
Started to follow your journal, so far it looks like a great harvest in your future. I am in my second grow inside, using a SCROG on my 4 sativa strain. and training on the indica strain. good luck.

Thanx for the good luck:goodluck: vibe we need all we can get here,will pop in on your grow.Should have a few pic's up today of early step's in my atempt to controll the hight of these bad girls :cheer:
Sweet grow DB! I'm diggin' the Ventilador de la Pared! :)

:peace: - El Bandito

Glad you liking it Bandit but like thay say"The best is yet to come"we going to do a grow room make over on this project as well,it's going to be fun so let get to work so i got something to show you guys....peace from the beach:surf:
No grow report today my friend's but I have this statemnt I need to shair

My heart goes out to all of those people whose lives were forever changed this day 9 year's ago.We were watching it happen from the building I was working in at the time.How could we know then that our live's would be forever changed by what happened that september 11 morning.I wish I could forgive or at least forget but I don't think I ever will that's for a higher power to do_On this day however more so than any other day I wish everyone peace, not from the beach but from my soul.:peace:
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