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For this project i will be growing the classic strain S.A.G.E.SATIVA AFGANNI GENETIC EQUILIBRIUM now thats a mouthful,it comes from the folk's at T.H.Seed's.Described on there web page as being a mostly sativa strain.Being made from a well balanced haze and a robust indica it prouduces a power packed plant with a T.H.C. level of 20%.It won award's in 2001 at the Hightimes cannbis cup,placeing second in a blind taste test.It has a long flowering time of 70 to 77 days and is a medium to heavy yeilder.Now some of what i found out is that the sativa side was a strain call Big Sur Holy Weed out of cali. and the indica side was a hindu kush .
So i started ten feminzed seed's by soaking them in distiled water for 24 hour's then placeing them in 16oz. plastic drinking glasses.Thay were filled 2/3 of the way with pro-mix blended with 20% corse perlite added in for faster drainage.Thay were fed plain water with advanced nutrient's TRANTULA a beneficial bacteria and PIRANAHA a beneficial fungi.The glasses were coverd with plastic wrap and put on a windowsill.After about 5 day's 8 out of ten are up and going and the last two i still have hope for.
The 8 that have sproted are now under my T-5 lights,i am using the SUN SYSTEM TEC-LIGHT with 8 bulb's at 45 inches long.It put's out 40,000 lumes but i have it running with only four bulbs on right now,it has two switches two turn on the inside four bulb's or the out side bulb's depending on your needs.I am ordeing 8 new bulb's this weekend becuse i have loged more than 2 or three years on them.Now the bulb's come in a red or blue spectrum some say warm or cool and I do not know what type of bulb i should be using for veg.Mabey i will just get four of each to keep things balanced.There is a small fan set on low to keep a breeze on the plants so thay start on nice strong stems.The closet walls and door are coverd in milar for now.Has anyone ever herd of a product that work's like milar but stop's those pesky infa-red detector's.
I bought a new camera today so i will be adding pic's as soon as i teach my self how upload them.Thought i would be able to do it tonight but it's time to go smoke as my wife has reminded me for the second time now.Always naging me to stop working and to relax more...lol... ok till next time...peace:allgood:
Sweet i can't wait for this grow to get growin!! :grinjoint:

it sounds like you picked some good seeds and your gear is all in order so all we can do is wait for those ladiez to get growing!!

as for what spectrum to veg with, it's the blue/cool bulbs. i had both spectrum's going in my grows as did my boy Pan4Gold49 and some others so i think you'll be fine if you mix them. the best of both worlds so to speak.

as for defeating the IR radiation, i've never heard of a product making that specific claim, but they have those insulating mats for hot water tanks that reflect pretty good and keep the heat in. that should work if your talking about FLIR camera's, but at the same time if it CAN penetrate your roof, the insulation, and ceilings and bust you i'm not sure anything will work.

I firmly believe that FLIR systems CANNOT penetrate walls. a heat source close to the wall will raise it's temp through induction but not in a way that screams 'GARDEN'.

Grow Happy :peace: +Rep
Well woke to find one more bean had sproted for a total of 9 so far.Took some pic's but have to learn how to work the camera but thats another story.So right now the plants are under the t-5 light's only four bulb's for this week.I Like the t-5 light's for my veg grow.You can keep the bulb's nice and close to the plant's with these lamp's.I find thay keep the nodes spacing close and thay definetly dont strech like thay did under my old florescent bulb's.All those lumes make for nice short bushy plants.I like what nbk380 said about mixing my bulb's for the best posable spectrum.
My next problem is going to finely set up a proper exhaust system.Right now i am running a dayton blower fan to my two hps lights.It draws air into the lights and up to the attic.The 4 inch exhaust hose stops at the roof attic fan and that vents to the out side.So i have to do better.
1)Make a carbon air filter.
2)Look into a larger exhust fan's
3)Find out how to adjust the incoming air temp. to suite my need's
4)How to silence the whole thing
5)how to automate the whole thing
I am going to start to look at any hvac-r(heating,ventilation,air conditioning and refrigeration)info i can find.I have central a/c but dont run it that often and that wont help in the winter.The goal is to kkep this room betweem 72 and 75 degrees and to be able to try a process i read about called cold air dumping.I would also like to be able to use the cold to change the color of my bud.SO if there is anything you can help me with to narrow my serch please let me know.Ok going to go smoke and think about some of this be back later....peace
Dain, sounds good. I looked at SAGE and liked it alot. I just might get some later, right now i'm waiting for Satoni to arrive in the mail.
I'm in for the ride.

welcome along friend.I heard good things ao far about the satori strain offerd by mandala seed's.It sounds like we are both looking for an indoor sativa thats is manageable as far size and can still be a decent yeilder.When i first started growing inside it was all about the indica.Thay were eazy to grow gave you good to excelent yeild's,would keep to the short side as far as hight.But as i get older i want the sativa's i loved in my youth.
Being an impulse buyer i was in home depot an bought two bathroom fans.Panasonic brand whisper quiet,the noise level is 0.8 sones.One will pull air out,at 110cfm,of the closet that will eventualy hold my airoponic clone system and mother plants.Right now it holds my seedlings.With the door closed it will get way to hot in there with the T-5 lights I am using.Need to get thermometer/berrometer for that part of the grow.
good luck cant wait to see them. bought an oz of SAGE bout a year ago, was really good could feel a strong sativa with a touch of indica that would keep the racyness off. very good sweet fruity spritish taste/smell
good luck cant wait to see them. bought an oz of SAGE bout a year ago, was really good could feel a strong sativa with a touch of indica that would keep the racyness off. very good sweet fruity spritish taste/smell

Great flavor is always important to me
Well it looks like i will have 9 plants to work with this grow .I dont know how people feal about feminized seed's but for this grow i didnt want to wast space with males.Can femized seed's be used in breading projects?One friend say's he feals feminized seed's are geniticly weeker then normal seed's.
so right now the plant's are sitting 4 inches from the lights.Can anyone recomend a good digital thermometer/berometer?Want to chart the heat and humidity threw the grow.How about a p.h. meater,is it as important a tool for soil grows as hydro?what other meter's do you use in your grow's?
Hi Dain, This should be a classic grow. Nice choice of strain. Hoping you will get a keeper. :peace: :popcorn: Here for the show. Much Luck! Stay Safe!
should not try to up load pic's after wake and bake uggg.
all right it worked:cheer:more pics of my grow to start today
Hay cocojoe thanx for stoping bye.Well this is week two of this project and thing's are off to a good start.Nine out of the ten bean's have come up.Thay are under the full load of the T-5 lights for a total of 40,000 lumes.I hope by keeping the lights close to top of the plants,about four inches,thay won't look to strech.Thay are shairing the light with some auto fem lowryder crosse(auto oil a lowryder x chemdog/kush)
Here we go. I like your plan. Start them. Veg Them while you are doing all the other projects you want to finish. Great Start.:grinjoint:
9 out of ten is a good sign for your grow.:clap:
Can't wait to watch this unfold.:slide:
May the mj Gods smile on you. :peace:
Dont like starting plants in small cups but space dictates that i do.For this grow i want to use three gallon pot's or larger.Still dont know how thay like to be fed.Going to be useing advanced nutes.and thay give you three choice's of feed strength's.When do you start to feed your plants?Useing pro-mix with pearlite so right now there is no nutes in the soil.I am off to work on my exhaust system for now.Going to be looking online at fan's and other goody's today
just a quick question bout they dixie cups... do you ever have plant health issues when starting like that, last batch of seeds i started were in dixie cups and real early they leaves started turning yellow and dying off. could have been a nute issue being in a such small space but i figured it was sooo early they shouldnt have been so hungry yet... was starting to wonder if it had to do with the inside coating of the cups or anything... anyways...................

was just wondering if you have ever had the same issues?
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