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dalight / cfl combo? can it help?


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does anyone know what willl happen if i grow outdoors and bring my young clones in at night under 200wt cfl's, 10,000 lumens? im trying to prevent them from budding at such a small size which is the problem im currently having. im also wondering if this will speed up the veg growth dramtically if at all, and if it will grow bigger as well as faster with extended light supplementation. Please help


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Have your clones been exposed to 12 hours of darkness on a regular basis yet? If not, then you can certainly bring them in under cfl's to extend their daylight time to prevent budding. Just don't forget to bring them in and let them get 12 hours of darkness sometimes because you will stress them out and chance turning them herm or at minimum you will lengthen your veg time by several weeks. Good luck!
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