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dam broke a main branch in flower

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So I had 3 colas that were getting taller than the rest of the canopy. I'm 3rd week into flower and I was trying to tie the taller colas over and the branch cracked at the top of the "V" in the node. But it just split into the main stem and there was nearly half of the branch still attached. I taped it back together with lots of medical tape. I'm sure the branch will survive? Will yield be affected? How long does it usually take a branch to heal? This happened last night and I checked it this morning when the lights came on. The leafs on the main branch weren't dropping or wilting. But leaves below the break were wilted? All help appreciated. I'm heartbroken
I did this 2weeks back but the whole branch came off and there was a whole in the main stem.
It healed within a week but plant felt the pain.
I'm now checking for nanners and ballz every morning cuz of the stress
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I'm worried about the same thing. I'm growing lemon kush and they were cheap seeds. The reason why they are cheap is because in the description it says they are unstable plants. But time will tell. We're you in flower as well? Seeing branches break is sickening. I feel your pain
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Will spraying the broken branch with enzymes help? Used hygrozyme on my sick plant before and it seemed to perk back up within an hour or so. This sucks. She just started to form trichs. I broke this branch
It's the middle cola. I really hope I don't lose this branch. It has the most bud on it
i hope u dont lose it too.. sexy beast right there