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Damaged Roots Autoflower




Currently my baby girl is at week #3
I started adding nutrients a couple days ago, and she started to grow slowly but steadily.

To my suprise when I came home from work yesterday i noticed that the first sets of fan leaves were basically dead, and that it had started to spread upwards.
So my first instinct was that I had put too much nutrients.
I was about to change the water when i realized that the water was pretty much boiling hot from the lamp.
I put ice in the bucket to cool down the water.
And adjusted the fan better, I also noticed some slime on the roots
(probably from Biobizz nutes)
Which I washed off from the roots in the shower.

My question is, should i get rid of the plant consider that it is an autoflower, or should i let her live?
(My guess is that she is properly stunned from all of this)
*OBS I'm not using biobizz anymore, used it once, like two days maximum before i switched to advanced nutrients.

(This was due to I had ordered the wrong nutes)

-read my other threads about it.

Chris Scorpio

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Water temp can be Ann issue if over 80deg

U use any hydroguard and z7 enzyme cleaners?

What % of manuf suggested nutes ya using, half is plenty in hydro

Water pH??

She will recover don't killer

Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
Ok that's a good start on the nutes

pH is one if the most important aspect of hydro, well all growing...lol

Also watch that water heat, get an instant read cooking digital thermometer, they work sweet

Looks like maybe light, lack off, and water issues, but easy to fix

What lights??


Yep, hoping the mailman brings it to me today.. been waiting for the package since 2 months back..


Struggling to get the right temp in the Bucket, feels like it swings from too hot to too cold.
Since I lowered the lamps down to 50-60cm.

However, she is still growing much on the roots.

Hope she will start to burst in lenght etc soon!

Going to buy a temp tomorrow



Havent managed to find a fuc***g temp in this country yet.

* Giving up my walk around store to store,
ima order one online and feel the water
to try and keep the temp approximately
the same until I got my temp.

*I've been adding ice to the bucket daily


*The plants seems pretty heality now, and has shooted a couple of nodes. It seems like the shooting process has began.

*Thinking about buying another LED (same as the one im using)
- Then I would get an amount of 550-600W.

- Which perhaps better in a 5x5, my current light barely cover the full area with full efficiency from what the light has.
*Any thoughts regarding this?*

*SCROG-Net added


So, the plant had some great days.
Now back to reality, her leafs was starting to get wierd looking like bubbles almost, almost moldy leafs without the white color.

So I looked on the roots and realized they were almost soggy brown

Im guessing root rot.... tried to clear it off in the shower, but not all went away and some roots died..

Here is a pic:


OBS: using advanced nutes, and calmag.
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