Damaja's LST Grow CFL + 400W HPS Cooltube


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Hey everyone,
This is my first grow so im trying to keep it cheap and have some fun while the stakes are low. im just trying to grow some to save some money. Any adivce would be great

What strain is it? just some seeds at the bottom of a bag
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? week 2 out of 5
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? soil
If soil... what is in your mix? just some compost and potting soil
If soil... What size pot? small ones for now and ill change them to bigger ones later
Size of light? 80W CFL at the moment then a 400W HPS
Is it aircooled? yes 6" extractor fan, its exchanging the air like 18 times a minute so its a bit strong
Temp of Room/cab? aiming for 26 but the extractor is keeping it around 23
RH of Room/cab? 40-60
PH of media or res? havnt checked
Any Pests ? hell no
How often are you watering? once every second day, the extra breeze is drying them out a bit
Type and strength of ferts used? just going to get some cheap 2 part veg and flower ferts from bunnings

So i turned the bottom section of the shelves into the grow area, its not the biggest space but its all i really have to use. The total grow area is 1x1x0.3 meters. I took all the shelves out and lined it with panda film, i also made another shelf out of plywood and stuck the extractor fan through that. The plywood shelf sits at the top with the extractor sucking the hot air out. To cover the grow area i just cut out a square of panda film and wrapped it around the front. I then cut like flaps out of the square and stuck velcro on them so that they can be attached and taken off the shelves as i need to get into the area.

heres a picture of the shelves from the front. the black is the reverse side of the panda film.

Heres a pic of the top plywood shelf with the extractor fan

The velcro down the sides of the shelf so i can connect the panda film and have it super tight.

When i turn the fan on it creates negative pressure so the panda film gets sucked in and seals itself nicely. i cut a hole in the panda film down the bottom corner so the cords can come out and this is where the air is sucked in.

a pic of the fan from inside

To start them i have them sitting under some CFL's (80W at the moment. all 6500K). Its just two desk lamps i had sitting around and a flex cord with a switch and cfl socket. Ive got a 400W HPS set up but my space is way too small for the reflector let alone the heat it puts out, so im saving up to buy a cooltube so that i can at least flower with a proper light.

This is what is looks like now

I started them just over 2 weeks ago, one is going great, another is alright but 2 of them are straight retarded. They sprouted and grew their first 2 circle leaves then havnt done anything since then. I dont want to go digging around their roots to look at them but theyre still green and growing so ill let them sit there for now.

Also due to the small space im going to be playing around with some LST. I want to keep them low and wide (bushy), i think ill have enough space for 2 of them but it will definately be tight and hard to get enough light to the lower nodes.

Thats everything up to now. any questions or advice would be sick.
High damaja.

Congrats on your first grow. Looks great and comfy. Plants are looking good. Do you have odor control? I think for this space a SCROG (Screen of green) will be perfect to maximize your yield with less plants. The screen will LST the plants. I'm guessing since these are seeds from the bottom of the bag (bagseeds), they are more likely be regular seeds which has potential to become male or female plants. Once you know which is what that's when the screen and training them under it will come in handy.

I'll be following along if you need help let me know. :Namaste:
Ok so I've got a problem, some of the bottom leaves (on both plants, which are in separate pots) have turned yellow as and even have black burn marks on the tips. Looked into it and it seems like a lack of nitrogen but I'm not sure cause of the burnt tips. I'll upload a picture tonight but I don't want to add N of its already getting burns. Also both are really withered and looking ridiculously unhappy.

please help!!
Ok so here are the pics
First one is them both, the RH has been higher lately 70-80%, been raining n shit but i dont think it could have that big of an impact.

In this one you can see the black burn marks on the end of the leaf...

please help me figure out what is wrong, ive been looking but i cant decide between adding N because of the yellow leaves or to just leave them cause of the burn marks.

I also realised that the soil im using does have some slow release fertilizer in it, going to the shops tomorrow to change it as id rather pay for soil that will work then get free stuff that kills them.

Any ideas about the problem or how to solve it would be sweeet. cheers and happy grilling
Ok so I just did the flush, poured just over a liter or about 0.4 Gal through each plant, decided to give the area a clean to so wiped down all the panda film and cleaned some dust off the little desk fan that sits inside.

Going to bunnings tomorrow to see what I can get as far as soil with no nutrients in it. Should i do the transplant asap, or wait a day or so tp let the plants dry and get se stability back?
Thanks again for the advice twelve12 and deege420
So theyve made a recovery - somewhat


i cut some of the most burnt leaves off and cut some of the black burnt tips but i realise if i cut too much off then i wont have a plant left. I have a bag of like 50 seeds so im germing another 10 and hopefully ill get some more which can grow/catch up to the small plant quickly.

Still havnt gone and gotten different soil, figured ill wait til i go buy bigger pots then do the transplant to the new soil. They seem to be able to handle the soil now. Also i did a PH test and got about 5.5 (im using one of the colour comparison kits so its hard to know exactly) so ill have to get that up a little bit too.
so its like day 40 and im finally getting my shit sorted.. THIS IS MY FIRST GROW SO ANY HELP/ADVICE/COMMENTS/IDEAS WOULD BE GREAT.

The bigger plant has made a real nice come back and is looking good


its also got some new growths on the nodes - look like white little pistil things so i looked it up and i think it means the plant is starting to preflower (sweet) and these growths mean that the plant is female (fuck yeah). but i dunno, if anyone can give me their opinion on its sex..


I was running out of space so i did some rearranging and decided to put the little burnt one on a window sill and let it do its own thing. It was taking up heaps of space and light with no growth at all.. i think it got burnt a little too badly.

so to compensate for getting rid of it i put 4 more new little ones in. i put a 28W T5 (2700K) in the back of the area and they seem to be loving it.


Im picking up my HPS reflector so i can hook up my light.. ill figure it out and post it back when ive got a mad yellow glow coming from the grow but for now this is the set up


Thanks for reading, leave a comment or say whatsup :love::420:
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