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Damping Off - No Damp


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No-Damp is bone crusher useful for the prevention of damping off of cuttings and seeds. We recently lost over 5 trays of OG Krinkle and stopped the damping off in its tracks with a few squirts when we found a bit. We went from complete tray failure back to 100% retention within 30 days. We suspect the abnormally high mold on the winter wheat this season was our vector.

If you're seeds get 'fuzzy' you have a problem and the affected ones may not pop or may survive long enough to flop in the soil. Cuttings will look good for a few days and then the stem will go soft and mushy at the base near the medium and then fall over dead. If left, grey fuzzy mold will be visible on infected cuttings. By the time you see the mold your tray is done anyway.

Fungus and mold are present in the air, soil, on the walls etc and can take root overnight, being particularly hard to displace. Old timers know in the spring mold sits under the snow on lawns, wheat & grain fields, grassy spots etc and explodes for about a week every year.

Contamination vectors include insufficient air flow, contaminated mothers, un-quarantined new plants, nature and a contaminated grow area amongst others. Insufficient air flow is the main culprit.

A big no-no is scoring the side of the cutting before it is dipped in rooting hormone. This action creates an open wound and invites failure from damping off. Never scratch the cutting!!

We are in Ontario Canada so i don't know how the big wizards in Cali and BC do it but i will tell you i speak from over 25 years experience grinding it in the field.

have a good one!

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