Dank's Soil/Hydro Auto Grow Under CFLs

everything looks good..on relaxing on the feed..let the plant tell you when to back off on feed..don't put her on a diet..:cheesygrinsmiley:
Thank you sir, she has grown much better since the damn hydro store finally restocked, and I was able to get some proper ph control products. Damn lime juice is unstable as hell, had to adjust 3-4 times a day sometimes, and I am gone a lot, so hard to keep it right. I haven't had to adjust ph in over 24 hours, so this GH works well. :thumb:
One other thing, I have not used just water in the res yet, only nutes, gradually increased. The bloom is 2-6-4 is that too much N for day 13? If so I can pick up a different fert, thinking of getting some chem stuff anyway, some of the organic nutes don't do well in hydro.
This little girl is growing very quickly, starting to believe the strain info on this one. Freedom of Seeds says 4-5 weeks flower time, hard to believe, but it looks like she may pull it off. She won't yield much, but every little bit helps, just couldn't resist getting my feet wet with dwc. The roots are much better, and trich development is quite rapid, here's some pics for you guys.
Wonderful update Dank! I love how white your roots are! Are you using any kind of beneficial bacteria or is this a completely sterile DWC grow? And you are most certainly right, THIS lady is growing fast, I would not doubt the 5 weeks harvest time :bong:
No beneficial bacteria, just nutes and the Dutch Master Zone. This is a test run, so I'm not too familiar with all the additives, is that something I should probably be doing AG? Thanks for the comments, I am quite happy with this project, and thinking about doing more dwc in future grows.
You are very welcome Dank ;) I also thought about doing a DWC system for my first 'jump' into hydro but I saw the potential for failure to the 'new hydro grower' such as myself. But i can't lie, nothing really can compare to the the growth rate of a DWC setup; any and all plant life explodes with new growth in that thing!

About the 'bennieis' as the stoners call it!!, I would recommend you give this article a read, Live or Sterile?. It really set my perspective to what I decided to go with in my grow now. And I can't say we both have had nothing but excellent growth using the two opposing methods ;)

Thank you for subbing, and those roots are a work in progress, had a lot of trouble with them at first. I had some pythium start to set in, and had to rinse, and trim, and now they are much better.
The Shot Adrenaline seedling is just over two inches, with 4 nodes already, so almost no stretch. I have it in the same space as the flowering plant, and the plant has handled the low humidity quite well. I will probably start lst on the Shot Adrenaline within the week, gonna bend her over proper this time. The pixie continues to thrive, and is drinking like crazy, now that the root issue has been resolved.

Thank you for your help :cheesygrinsmiley:

Thank you for stopping by, and you can post your pics here if you would like, I'm sure these fine members wouldn't mind helping you.
It is day 17 veg for the Shot Adrenaline, which is working on it's 5th node, at 2 and 1/2 inches tall. Since autos don't like to be transplanted, I planted this one into it's final container, a 3 gallon smart pot, so I think there is enough nutes for a while. I will let the plant do the talking, but I probably won't feed until I see preflowers, since FFOF is kinda hot. What do you guys think, will it carry her to flower? The dwc girl is packing on weight very quickly, she surprises me every day, makes me want to do a scrog dwc in the future. I'll have to further hone my skills before I commit the whole space to one plant in dwc, and my patience, lol. This strain flowered at day 22 last grow, but that was under 24/0, not sure what will happen under this 18/6 schedule.
Day 22 of flower for the pixie, and she is packing on weight so fast! I could see myself using this strain as a kind of "bumper crop" to replenish my stash a little. I might build a small box, and put like 3 or 4 of these down, since they seem to finish so fast. Day 22, and the pistils are already turning brown, and the trichs are developing very quickly as well. I replaced the solution with tiger bloom, and some H2o2 yesterday, after she drank a res with just ph adjusted water in 2 days!
This is day 20 for the soil plant, which is working on it's 6th node, and is trying to put out some side branches. I hope it doesn't start flowering at day 22, like the last time, I am hoping for more than a 1/2 oz off of this plant. I have seen people yield a couple of ounces from an auto, and I have seen some pretty nice ones under cfls, so it can be done. I plan to to tie the soil plant down between the 5th and 6th node, I already have the clips on the smart pot, ready to go.
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