Dank's Soil/Hydro Auto Grow Under CFLs

Tremendous photos!:goodjob:

You've got to love the Automatics!
Thanks for stopping by, I do like autos, but don't plan to grow any for a few more grows or so. Autos grow fast, but I can veg a photo period plant for 3 weeks, flip it, and harvest in a little over 2 months. Not to mention autos are not as versatile, too short of a lifespan to recover from very much stress, so HST is out of the question. As I said previously, I may want to do a scrog, can't do that with an auto, but I really like the smoke I got from them so far. :rollit:
Nice experimental grow. Hydro is not my thing, I'm a clumsy oaf so they would be dead in under a week, but I do find it very interesting. You have done a fine job with that little one. The soil one should do better as it is more forgiving. Keep up the good work dank:)
Thank you DD, I can't wait to see how your scrog turns out as well. You have wanting to buy a small hps, just can't control the heat in this space. I plan to build a tent, but for now this little cabinet will have to do. I'm thinking of doing a scrog, either next grow, or the grow after that. It would have to be one plant, and I plan to do at least two strains next time. The next grow will be cheese strains, since I got some nice crosses from a friend, some of which have never been grown before!
Thank you for stopping by Canna, nice to have you along, and hopefully this will turn out better than the last time. The main reason for this grow is to dabble with DWC a bit, see if I could pull it off, and to see how an auto responds to the method. I have definitely learned some things, and I feel confident that I can pull off DWC on a larger scale, perhaps a scrog. Of course that will be dependent on acquiring a larger space, but I can dream until then!
Ok everyone, I need assistance please. I noticed the lower leaves on the seedling starting to die off already, the cotyledons died quickly, which didn't concern me, but then the next leaf set died, and the set above that is shriveling now. Here's some pics, so you can see what I'm talking about. I know it's not a heat issue, but the humidity has been quite low, because of the plant in flower, in the same space as the seedling.

The new growth looks good, but this problem is traveling up the plant, so I'm a little concerned.
One more question for you guys, here is a quick rundown of my current seed stock, what would you guys plant? From herbies: 1 feminized Purple Paralysis, 1 feminized Pineapple Chunk, 1 feminized Cotton Candy, and 5 regular WW X Skunk #1. I also have some very nice crosses a friend bred himself, these strains are not available from a seed bank, but don't know if any are feminized. I have 4 GDP X Purple Cheese, 2 AK 47 X Cherry Cheese, 3 AK 47 X Cherry Cheese X Skunk #1, 3 Sour Kush X Kiwi, and a bunch of AK X Cherry Cheese X Sour Kiwi. I will plant one of the herbies beans, and probably 2 or 3 of the other strains, some of which have never even been grown before.
Well, if they've never been grown before...Grow em'! Why wait to see and taste that possible strain of all strains' buds?
There's my answer. LOL

I think they will all be good strains, I was just asking which sounded the best to you guys. I will probably get around to growing them all eventually, but because of space restrictions, I must make a few selections.
So what is the major advantage to DWC? want to do a micro PC grow using DWC and LST, do you add nutes only to the reservoir and no water to the soil?

The way I did it was the 2 liter bottle, where you cut the top off, and plant the seed in the top in soil. The method I will use in the future will be a small tote, and a 3 inch net pot, with perlite, or rockwool cubes. DWC plants experience quicker growth rates than soil plants, because you are supplying oxygen to the roots via a pump, and airstone. With the 2 liter, I germinated a seed in the top, by planting it straight into the soil, misting the soil with a spray bottle, and then I wrap the top with saran wrap. When the roots from the seedling reach the hole in the top part, I filled the res with my solution, and turned the pump on. The res should be filled until the level of the fluid is about two inches below the hole where the roots are coming out.
So the plant is really only using the soil in the beginning and once its roots hit the resiviour that is where it gets its nutrients and water oxygen etc?

Yep, that's the idea, you just have more maintenance with DWC, ph adjustment, and res temps mainly.
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