Dank's Soil/Hydro Auto Grow Under CFLs

your leaf damage appears to be from lack of nutrients or improper pH. you want pH 5.8 for hydroponic and soiless (peat moss and coco coir) and pH 6.5 for soil. I would like to see you grow your feminized Cotton Candy.

here is a nutrient availability chart

Thanks KJC, I will give the soil plant 1/8 strength veg nutes tomorrow, since I already gave it ph 6.5 well water today. Until then I'm gonna get stoned as hell, and wait for the lights to come on. The Cotton Candy seems like a nice strain, I'll do some research, read some reviews, but I know I want to grow some cheese the next round. Got plenty to choose from, thanks to my friend, and the Pineapple Chunk is a cheese cross as well, that's supposed to be really high in THC. For now I have some White Widow, grown outdoors, and some Pineapple that tastes very fruity.
Hello all, the decision has been made. The next grow will be Pineapple Chunk, Purple Paralysis, and AK 47 X Cherry Cheese X Skunk #1, 3 plants, and hopefully the AK X CC X Skunk is a female. I have already started germinating the 3 beans, in 6 inch pots, and I'll make a journal for them when they sprout.
I forgot to mention that the Shot Adrenaline plant showed sex yesterday, which kind of pisses me off, because it means I probably won't get much from her. Oh well, it's why I'm not doing autos next round, no more crappy yields, I will enjoy having more control over the plants as well. So lots of training in the next journal, especially since the Purple Paralysis is a Sativa dominant. The AK X CC X Skunk is surely Sativa dominant, since all the strains parents are, so should be interesting.
Not yet Shrub, I'll wait at least until they sprout, then I'll start a new thread. I'll make sure to invite everyone, so you guys don't have to search.
New journal up yet?
It should be Sativa dominant, since it's parents are, but the cross was bred by a friend, and I don't the pheno, or how stable the cross is. I googled all three of the parents, and they are Sativa dominant, but when you cross strains, sometimes it's not that straightforward, and you end up with varied results. This is an interesting cross, but I don't know if it's ever been grown out, I think he might have made the cross, and put the beans up. They have all split the seed shell, and they're trying to break the soil, so I'll be starting the new journal in the next couple of days.
Excited about the AK x CC x S1, sounds like a super interesting mix, any idea what the indica/sativa ratio is on that?
A Sativa usually grows taller, as opposed to an Indica, so training becomes necessary in a small space, such as mine. As far as which pheno is "better" for training, I think it depends on the strain, and how vigorous the growth is. Some strains grow really fast, so you have to constantly adjust, so the plant doesn't injure itself, so to speak.
Is sativa or indica more susceptible to being trained? I have looked a few places and it seems a lot of the info is based on personal opinion.
Ok everyone I have a lighting question, I found a low pressure sodium lamp that is 1700K, puts out 7800 lumens, and only uses 55 watts. So is 1700 too low on the Kelvin scale to flower with? They are pretty cheap, and I figure they won't be as hot as a hps. Also, 7800 lumens is more than this 125 watt cfl I'm using, which definitely has to be upgraded before I flower the next batch.
I wouldn't get it, save up for a 250 watter for a small space or a 400w for a bigger space, I have a 250w cfl that puts out 15000 lumens but it's a 6500k blue spectrum, I'm sure the red spectrum is a little less than the blue.
Yes I agree with Flinstone! Save up for the 250. Think about it this way: that 55watt WILL produce heat no matter what, so the question is invest your money and time into venting out the heat from a 55watt HPS or venting out the heat from a 250-400watt HPS? It's not going to be THAT much of a difference in heat anyway since both are HPS and use the method of running an electrode through a Sodium-Mercury deposit!

Its like saying a 30w incandescent bulb gives off sufficiently less heat than a 60w incandescent bulb; Yes while their heat intensity might vary, they both still give off a reputable amount ;)

I'm running a 400watt HPS/MH (55,000 lumens) and only using 1 6inch fan, a cooltube, and some ducting to get my grow tent temps to around 79-84 average.

Good Luck on your decision Dank! Can't wait for the new grow!
Thanks to both of you, I've also thought about LEDs, just can't afford the initial investment yet. Eventually I want a tent, diy of course, and hid or LED lighting. I've seen some damn nice LED grown girls on this site, and I like the fact that they don't put out much heat. Oh, I forgot to mention that I threw the disappointing Shot Adrenaline plant away. She was very stunted for some reason, and flowered too damn early, so down the toilet she went. All three of the seeds I planted are close to breaking the surface of the soil, I can see the babies struggling upward already.
Yes LED are the many future achievements growing will take on! I just need to start seeing production costs go down before I purchase one!

Sorry to hear about the S.A., hope all your other seedlings are healthy ;)
One more question, at what point should I start the final flush for the dwc girl? She probably has about a week, maybe ten days til chop, and the res is almost empty, so if need be I can start the flush tomorrow.
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