Dank's Soil/Hydro Auto Grow Under CFLs

Well congrad's on the harvest. I know a lot of people do real good with them DWC. I've even grown out afew times with it. Myself I'm going to stick with soils. To me the herbs taste better with a good flush. Sorry I haven't stopped in and shouted out much. I've kind of been burnt on the PC latterly. I've grown afew auto's, mainly freebies they supply, but haven't really liked a lot of the products. Not saying I haven't had afew GOOD ones in there too, but one thing about auto's, they start with a plant that has the strength of hemp. Then they bring in some herbs that have killer quality to get a medium product. I am a firm believer that auto's have their place, and I know they have come along ways in the breeding of auto's, but you look at test results of the name strain then look at the auto's. The auto's are always lower in THC's and CBD's. I understand you are playing around doing a compairism grow, and it probably wasn't convenient to do clones. Buds looked frosty enough for sure. Hey just a idea, next time you flush after you do the flush and plain water acouple days, throw alittle molasses in the water. Can't hurt to try to impose alittle sugar in the last couple weeks. I'm talking without fully reading what you have growing on so if this makes no sense oh well. Once more cool little harvest. rep's ++ on what you done and I'm going to backtrack afew pages for so read. Keepem Green
Thanks for dropping in wood, yeah this one was more about the experience than anything, just wanted to try dwc, might grow a huge dwc scrog beast one day. It certainly won't be autos, can't manipulate them as well as a photo plant, and I don't like the plant deciding when to flower either. The product from this one was decent, but definitely not up to par with other strains, so I'll be ditching the autos for awhile. I used raw sugar in the res the last 5 days, though I neglected to post that info here, worked like a charm! These buds were just as smooth as soil grown buds imo, and it wasn't a bad strain, just not much quantity.
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I found some auto strains tat produce nicely and strong weed like tr dinafem white widow. I have one of those growing waiting to take the place of one of tr auto mazars on the turn table.

I got 3 oz off one of the auto white widows by dinafem.

I might get three oz off the organic auto mazar. It's suppose to be strong so I will see.
The 2 auto mazars we ran were blan to me, I really liked the taste and buzz of the Dinafem auto fruit but it wasn't a huge yielder.
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