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Dano999's White Widow Grow Journal 2019 With Grow Closet Mod


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Got back last night from a two day trip to an empty hydro tub. The plants used over 1 1/2 gallons which is 50% more than usual. I assume the flush cleaned out some of the salt build up. The remaining colas should be really plump come harvest time.

Thrics are close on the remaining flowers. I am estimating this weekend for the remaining harvest.

The other thing I came home to was Rh of 30% in my dry room for the first harvest. My humidifier stopped on me. One of the risks of having to travel for business while trying to grow. The first batch drying was complete after 4 days. 3 days quicker than I wanted. I smoked a sample and I am still pretty impressed. Smooth and potent with a pleasant, energetic and euphoric high. Very mellow citrus flavor. :ganjamon:

I do believe I may have harvested a little early for the first batch even though the thrics were 40% amber on the top of the largest buds. Shame on me but this grow was really a test to start with. Looking at the dried area below there are very few if any amber thrics and possibly some clear ones still. The test smoke was great so I am actually excited to see how the next batch turns out.

Total dry weight of the first batch came to 30 gr. Pretty close to what I expected. Stem weight was 8 gr. Starting with wet weight total of 145 grams, put the wet buds at 115 gr and wet stems at 30 gr. Total weight loss on buds 74%. My estimate of 4 oz total should be pretty accurate. (1 oz per sq ft). For my first grow I'm happy. It's the first hobby I've had that has an ROI. Next grow I'll focus on better ScrOG technique to increase the yield.

The dried buds have been put in mason jar to cure for the next month.
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Finished drying the second harvest (slowly this time) and now curing. The first harvest was still wet enough so I have been curing it inside the grow cabinet on a drying rack for three weeks while the second harvest dries in the closet. It got rid of the chlorophyll smell and it’s now continuing to cure with the second harvest.

I ended up 110 gr with 1 1/2 oz of quality trim. Too many popcorn buds which went into the trim jar to use for butter. Pretty close to what I expected for my first time. Nearly 1 oz per sq ft. I should be able to increase the yield by 25% to 35% next time.
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Used 18 gr of trim and made cannabutter. Ended up with about 12 oz butter. I used one stick cannabutter and made up the difference with regular butter per the recipe and made some oatmeal raisin cookies. 18gr at 20% THC x 70% infusion efficiency gives me 2520 mg of THC or 840 mg per stick. I made 56 cookies using one stick so each cookie has about 15mg of THC. Perfect. They taste great. Had two cookies and testing the effect.


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