Dare lies supported by facts?


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Now I was reading DARE's website like I always do when I want a good laugh getting high and I was reading there little PDF pamphlet on medical marijuana and its "uselessness" and they had direct quotes from varies societies like MS and Glaucoma saying it was effective. Now I know these were some how manipulated or something can someone please tell me what the trick was here?


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DARE is polishing brass on the titanic man... they dont have any more funding or support and pretty soon i wouldnt be surprised if the program was replaced all together

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So wait, first they say that Medical Marijuana is ineffective and isn't a "real" medicine. Then they talk about the wonders of Marinol, synthetic THC.

Why is it only ineffectual in plant form? Doesn't add up. Looks like they hired a 13 year old to create their documents.


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Lies are easier to sell if you throw in a few confusing truths.


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Yeah...when's the last time ya seen a DARE commercial, seems like they would be all about commercials if they had funding.

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DARE failed me. It made me quite interested in buddha.

:peace: Earth Child


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Yeah dare sucks. I found a dare graduate certificate I got when I was in fifth grade, and hung it up in my room as a joke. Me and my friends thought it was pretty funny.

that IS funny, lmao

about that article though, did the FDA really issue the advisory on 4/20? What a BS piece of paper...those folks should get sued or something, damn


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Yeah, I remember when that FDA thing came out last year. Everybody cried Bullshit between bong hits.

As far as all their bullet points, they're all pretty much bullshit. I can't disprove them without spending more time than I'd like looking up studies and shit that state something different. And where they list all the organizations that have ruled against it, notice, oddly, that the World Health Organization is conveniently left out. How odd... Oh well. What has WHO ever done for us, anyways? :60:


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Dunlap this sir is America. and here in America it doesnt matter horse turds about anything other then the great U S of A. the rest of the world doesnt exsit, durr. if it did wouldnt i see it outside my house? there is nothing outside of the United States, thats just a myth started by a bunch tree huggin hippies. America is only what matters and if its says marijuwhatever is bad for you then by golly gee willerkeers that turds will kill ya! that and why dont ya just break open a frosty brewskie? its been proven by samuel adams its better for you than smokin that green poo
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