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Dark Devil Auto after pulling off shell: need help please!


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Day 7 after transfer from paper towel to MG grow pod. seed sprouted a small taproot.

It grew straight up but seemed to be unable to shed shell which was very hard after 5 days. I did some research and found many growers removing shell and membrane with tweezers.
I attempted this today and was able to remove it. I crushed it between my fingers and that shell was very tough.

So where do I go from here? My my 600w LED panel is 18" from suface of Aerogarden. The room temp is 75f. The resivoir temp is 78f. 228 ppm after adding 1ml of the provided nutes that came with Aerogarden. pH at 6.0 tested with GH kit. Does it look heathy? Is light too close. Can I leave humidity dome off?


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will be fine,, might take a few days to green up,, take the dome off,, perhaps move light just a bit,, no experience with 600 w.

all will be well. do not overwater the poor thing, karma sent friend


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In the future, one thing you can do to make it easier is to spray the helmet or shell with water to soften it. Then you can pick it off with a toothpick.

That plant will be praying to the light soon.... ;)


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The seed in the back is another one of the seeds I found in my son's room. It germed pretty quick. The one to the right is another Dark Devil Auto.


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During seedling, might hang the light higher, our growers usually hang 24'' more above the plants. Because during this section, the plants is very fraigile.
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