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Dark Devil: Strain Review


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Hey all, I'm a first time grower and also did a dark devil auto from sweet seeds. I did 3 seeds, but only 1 germinated successfully.

She's currently on day 56 from sprout. It's a freaking beauty, even my sugar leaves are half black.

When you said 60 days, did you mean 60 days of flowering? Or 60 days from seed to harvest? That sounds wayyyy too soon!

I've just got 1 main cola, with very little side branching due to very limited grow space. My grow room hygrometer showed 85f and 70-80%rh for the first 50 days, and currently down to 77f with 70% rh.

Some pictures of the lady!



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Hey there NSFW ... FW for short... Ok so welcome to the dark side there FW... hahaha.. Your plant looks great. Love to see the waxy fan leaves. I chop these when the calyx stops popping new pistols and then wait a week or 2... she will get a nice grapey smell, kinda fruity..

The longer you let her go the bigger the buds. The fans will all die off which as you can see hasn't happened ... "most" times the fans all die back which is fine that's what we call senescence. Think fall colors on trees, plants do the same thing. You should see our garden plants...

Anywho... your RH is on the high end there, just so ya know. If you can keep it under 70%RH that's best or botrytis, a form of bud rot same as the wine makers lament over. Your flowers look fine but this is the time to worry about too much RH. Your RH goes up substantially after lights out if its humid and cool nights where you live. RH goes WAY high..

Sometimes we have to weigh our options - chop and have some OR risk more time and toss in the compost bin.

There's a thread on growing DD, here's a link for ya:

Dark Devil Auto - A Community Grow Record


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Not a huge yielder. Mine got topped by rabbits in an outdoor grow, but it survived and I got enough bud to fill an Altoids container (literally). Very interesting and classy strain IMHO. Have half a mind to breed it out of its ruderalis to go full photo period. Not sure how many free seeds I got.
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