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Dark edge / curl help please!


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I got these clones about 6 days ago and am wondering if someone can help me out here.. They have a dark edge edge and are curling. Any advice would help, thanks!



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maybe to much water.......


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you think too much water would turn the edge dark like that? For the first day or two I didn't really water much since the cubes were still damn from soaking them. I also sprayed the leaves because when I got these clones there was 11 of them in 2 6"n rockwool cubes. Getting them out was a pain and I figured I would let the roots do a little searching instead so they could establish a strong system.


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I want to bump this, I am still having some issues, here is an update of photos.. I raised the light and lowered it to a 750watt rather than 1000W.



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I was rushing to post earlier..

I got these clones a week ago from the club. They had an established root system when I got them however there was 11 of them in 2 rockwool cubes. I took them apart as best as I could and placed them in 6" rockwool cubes. I soaked the cubes when I got them for 30 minutes. I am using a flood and drain system.. since using rockwool I was just keeping the blocks damp to attempt to establish a good root system in the begging spraying the leaves a couple times a day. I started flooding 2 days ago. The first day I flooded once and the last 2 days I flooded twice.


Browning of leaves (I think the light was too close, I raised it and switch to 750w rather than 1000w)
Droopy leaves that are starting to curl..
Light green on new growth. New growth is also twisting.
Another thing is I have purple stems.. I got these from the club they are supposed to be OG Kush Clones..

Light 1000w Dimmable (Now dimmed to 750..)
Light is Aircooled
The temp in my room is between 68-75 degrees
My Humidity is between 50 and 60 %
I have used have strength nutes to water about twice now.
My Ph is is about 5.5 - 6.0
I let the water sitout for 24 hours before watering the plants.

Any advice would be much appreciated!! I tried matching them up to pictures and just couldn't seem to find a match..
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