Darkscotia’s High Brix Grow 2019 Tangerine Dream

Well since I’m upgrading my room sizes and the amount of plants on those rooms I figured I’d give them there optimal Ppm’s of co2 and assist on getting bigger and faster yields.
And in building a sealed room for hopefully
Absolutely perfect environment my room co2 levels won’t regenerate by them selfs so there for needing to supplement with co2.
So room is complete for now. Only going to grow 4 girls in room to do a test run to finish off bud cycle. My other 5 will stay out in there tent as they are thriving and no need to screw with that. At this present time all girls are ready for there first cat. Will not be introducing co2 till room is perfectly running. I have a bunch of new lights arriving to fill room for next grow. Will be running 18 timber lights surrounding my 3 main lights which will be 2 pro 1000 and one of my orignal Bm’S. My plan is to only grow 12-15 bigger plants at a time all in docs soil. Some pictures to show some progress. Cheers all

Ones under white lights are my 5 blueberry in tent

Rest are other plants in new grow room and some pictures of room while still be constructed

Looking great so far Scotia.
Tbh , im more interested in seeing the new Cropmaster Pro 1000's.
My ultimate dream lites.
So envious....pfft!

Honestly I just wanted another bm but they don’t make them anymore due to there new light. And because I’m anal about certain shit want all the same lights up so they get same spectrum etc to all plants. Probably be about another month before they have arrived and are up and running. Currently waiting for 3 batch’s of soil to cook and only 10 days into that. And waiting on my seeds as well. So basically a waiting game at this point.
Once new lights arrive and all is running I’m starting a new journal. Cheers
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