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Day 18 Blue Dream Flower Cycle


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4 Plants total
3 ft + from the bottom of the stem up
1000W HPS
Air Cooled Light Fixture
Humidity: 46



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Hi NerdRage,
Nice looking plants you got there.
I just started a run of 30 Blue Dream plants under 2000 watts HPS lights.
Going to try sogging them in a tent so I'll be cutting the side branches back.
Looks like she branches a lot, eh?
Wondering if you could tell me how many inches of growth you got under that 1K
from the time you planted until the 14 days in this pic.
Do you have any new pics?
I have not grown Blue Dream before and am trying to get an idea how tall she gets.
There's a link to my first Grow Journal below if you would like to have a look...


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OneHitter: Thankyou ! Yes I can't wait til the end of January:)
30 plants ! Nice! I can't wait to see this. And yes this particular strain isn't as bushy(more branches) as I would want it to be ; however , I have no complaints. The four Blue Dream plants are doing great & the steams are nice & solid.

The clones were all around 9 inches or so give or take a inch or two from the begging. The in about 3 weeks under my 1000W MH light(18/6) the plants grew to about 2 ft. Then when I switched my light up to a 1000W HPS the plants grew another 5-8 inches or so within a few days. I'd say all 4 plants are about 3 1/4 ft to 3 1/2 ft long. I have a Journal ; moreover , all my pics are mixed up. ( I'm unorganized ) I took some pics this morning & I will be tomorrow too most likely. This plants gets tall rather quickly. I'm day 19 in flower & about 20 days in veg. 39 days total so far.


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WOW super bushy. Are your lights adjustable up and down? My first grow I went with a 1000w HPS and I had a few sativas that stretched a lot like in your picture. If your temperature allows you can always bring the light fixture down closer to the canopy of the plants. Less stretching = more energy elsewhere.


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Jason: Thankyou :))
Yes my light is hanging on my the ceiling hooks. I can bring them up & down. My light is about 3-5 inches from the top of the plants. The plants started stretching awkwardly towards the last week of veg. Also: I currently have two mini plants that are flowering ATM. Sour Diesel & Humboldt Black Gold. I wonder if I could trick them back into veg state?


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Plants can revert to the vegetative stage, although it may take some time. Just keep them exposed to your regular veg light cycle. Maybe I missed it above, but what type of medium are you using?


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On another note, the weird stretching in the later weeks of your vegetative stage may have come from using a HPS light during the Veg stage. Normally a Metal Halide would be used during vegetation since it produces the necessary 6500K light color temperature that plants use during this stage. The HPS is used for the flowering stage as it puts of a strong 2700K light color temp.

*Unless you did veg with MH and just didn't note it then disregard this. LOL


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I was using a MH light for veg. I have a weak T5 setup for emergency veg ; although , the T5 light fixture is so weak I rarely use it. The T5 has 4 bulbs total. 24 W ea bulb. The T5 fixture I'm using is so weak the plants usually gets stressed out sooner rather than later.

My Soil mixture:
Happy Frog
MC Hydroponex
MC Organic
MC Perilite
Natural Organic Gardner & Bloome Blue Ribbon Blend
Small Landscaping Rocks to help out with drainage

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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