Day 53 autos looking nice!

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Below are my beauties, so stoked for my 2nd grow under simple 4 blub T5 and couple extra leds floating around. I'm on day 50-53 for each of these guys.

The left girl is Auto Sin Trabaja CBD and is about 14 days since pre-flower and she is 42" tall!!!
The right girl is Auto Speed Bud and she is 40" and hasn't even pre-flowered yet!
The small plant is Auto White Widow CBD and for some reason she is small but healthy, 50 days old. She wouldn't fit in this space anymore so she hangs out just outside the direct light.

Any clue what the min/max could be on those big girls from how they look? The look kinda spacious so I think light is getting to the smaller buds/branches for the most part.