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Day 9 - Little to no growth


So here's the deal, i made the mistake of planting in Compost after germinating.. After the first set of true leaves grew, the second seemed to struggle. One day I woke up to see the first set reaching for the sky in a V shape, slight discolouration followed .. it\'s been 4-5 days and it\'s still the same. At day 6-7 I took the initiative to replant in a compost/soil mix I had just made. By doing saw I took a good look at the root. There was zero root spreading. There was only one tip. now it\'s been 2-3 days and progress is minimal. the new set of serrated leaves grows really slow. During replanting I noticed I had pressed hard on the compost.Im that bad.

1 of 2 plants, the other one is way ahead.
Under 400W MH
Closet grow
Distance to bulb 35cm/13 inches
No nutes so far.
No ventilation, I've been keeping my hand next to the soil, feels normal.
Did not injure the root at all. there was no branching to injure.
Watering every other day to fight dehydration due to no ventilation( I could be very wrong doing so)
Strain: Black Cream Auto

Really worried about her


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Re: Day 9- Little to no growth

Hi AlleyC!

She's C U T E!

Im new to the forums, and growing, so can feel your pain :(

I have learned that if you keep the soil wet, the roots won't grow. Also, at that stage, the roots are growing. It can take a bit.

I have received SOOOO much help starting a journal, I think your on the right path to getting some knowledgeable assistance :)

Id say read through the STICKY's in the FAQ forums and you'll find alit of really solid help.

Good luck! Im'a sub up and hope to see you grow a gorgeous girl :)

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Re: Day 9- Little to no growth

Watering every other day? Seems odd when the poor thing has barely any roots

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Thanks for your replies peeps, Unfortunately my seedling wouldn't grow at all. Apparently I had its poor root burnt. Decided to plant 2 new ones, I might make a new journal too. Thanks again, you grow canna you grow your soul. peace
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