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Daydrimin's FIRST GROW - Indoor - Skunk - 2009


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Hello, guys ! Nice to meet you and Good Luck !

Grow room - /closet/ 90 x 90 x 90 cm
Seeds - x 6 Skunk seeds from seed bank, ~ 2 yrs old, kept in 4 C
Plants - x 4 in vegetation
Lights - x 2 45W CFL Caster 7000K; x 1 Grow Lite 125W 6400K
Pots - 24cm /~7 liter/
Soil - Pot soil /for green-leaf pot ornamental plants/
Vent - x 1 oscillating magnetic fan ~ 20 cm
Fert - yet not started

I had started this project, honestly with complete lack of any knowledge about growing pot, armed only with the fading experience from the long long time ago passed hours of my Biology class :)

In brief : I bought 100 small cups /no packs with less/ , germinated the seeds in damped KIMWIPES. On the second day they taproot-ed, I seeded them in ~1 cm hole with the taproot down and within two more days they sprouted. Please, folks next see the attached figure that's the short story ... about the one of the four plants that left from the six ones that sprouted but suffered my ignorance being grown by the window in seasonal daylight cycle out of the tropics :11: for about 19 days!!! Later on I ordered CFL Grow Light 125W from ebay and immediately put the poor babies below and a few days later I bought two more 45W CFL as it is marked on the figure.


I have a couple of question, if you bare with me just one more minute:

Probably as you will see it is obvious that this lady here, the name is Coudya :31: has a delay of about 2 weeks in her development, nevertheless she (and other 3 ones) survived and now every week is going better.
1. How stressful could be this to the sex determination? /I am not expecting miracles, ofcourse , just if someone had some common experience like that/
2. How about the fertilizers ? Is it a good idea to start already ? I can see from the last week that the leafs is going very very slightly yellowish ?
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sexing is usually a week or two after starting 12/12 and nope wait a bit longer for the nutes you can check my skunk in my grow i see some similarities


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Hay guys, thank you for stopping by. The long wait ahead is way much better shared with a frend in deed. As an absolute newb I couldn't resist and I bought a liquid chemical fert. The N-P-K formulation is 7-4-4 and my plan is to use dillution 1:1000 about x 2/week. I can use double distilled water with pH 6.5 and the water from the tap is ~ 7.3 (I guess I can use it for the nute dilution). Also in my controlled madness I bought a foliar spray too. It is not stated what exactly is in it but my plan is to use it everyday. Any suggestions? I mentioned in the first post that last several days the leafs again are a little bit yellowing it is only a little bit and I think that I figured it out. It is a temperature issue. These days is very hot and maybe I will have to keep the aircon on, the fan is moving the air but yet is not enough to lower the temp.

@ SouthernOnt, thank you for your answer! I was wandering... yes they show their sex after being exposed to 12/12 photo-period but actually maybe the exact time of the sex determination occurs earlier ??? God knows, exactly when... I'll google this item!

Today is day 34 and thank you fuuji0019 for your answer here I am posting the size of the representative plant, my dear Cloudya.


I guess to be precise at the level of the 3rd node it is a little bit over a 5 cm, but all this growth size was gained trough the last two weeks after the lights were fixed (you can compare in the first post figure - 19days)

Diameter of the pot is 24 cm and here is the top view


:thanks: Good Luck, everybody ! Peace and harmony !


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Hello, guys !

Definitely, I am convinced, that despite the initial difficulties, Cloudya is getting some height. Check this 6 days development from 02 Aug to 08 Aug (6 days).



I think to continue to count this 19 day of stunt will be redundant, so I am resetting the count (-19 days) to 15 days and I am continuing to keep the journal alive.

Next is the view of the closet,


the two small ones in one pot is from the same nest as Cloudya. I removed the yellowed leafs, that's why they look so small now and in general they were slow. The baby seedling is White Widow, the one that I started when I thought that the Skunk is completely lost.

That's all for know, I hope that everything will be fine

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Just a suggetion here. If you spent a few bucks on horizontal reflectors, or even just Macgyvered up some horizontals, and got them down to within 3-4" you'd be upping your light use efficiency by a whole lot.


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Hello, everybody and happy growing!

Cloudya d17


From yesterday:

1. I switched to 18/6 as advised by HTG Supply grow guide.

2. After heavy puzzling about all these light sources and photons and PAR's and godknows what else I removed one 45W CFL 7000K and screwed x 2 22W CFL 2800K and one more 27W CFL 2800K 4 pin. The reasons I've done this is
On vegging, adding a incandescent lamp during the last hour of light increase branching and canopy cover (by doing leaves larger and thinner) so plants reach and fill the net faster. This is useful aswell on the flowering induction phase, by shortening it
from this source which is not exactly what I have done but just I decided to experiment and besides having more diverse spectrum could benefit in some way ... who knows?

3. Calculated my lumens and fortunately I am falling within the range for MJ growing (3500 - 7500 lm/sqf). Calculation was done with reduced size dimensions. I used 40 x 40 cm coz anyway two of the plants are really slow so I will just abandon them :24:!

lm lm/W​
27W 2800K 4 pin 1800 66.66666667​
22W 2800K 1520 69.09090909​
45W CFL 7000K 2700 60​
125W CFL 6500K 8000 64​
total lm/mean lm/W
14020 64.93939394​

so for 40 x 40 and 7000 lm/sqf I need 12055 lm and I have 14020! with 215W total load.


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Hello, everybody !
First a warm *thank you* @'Hospitality Team' and @SouthernWeed. (That 'Hospitality Team' sounds so cute!) And right to business. I lowered the CFLs and hell of a quick Macgyvered horiz reflectors from alumin foil (mated sde)


@green acres, thank you !
i usualy start my weeks counting once i hve my 3rd set of true leaves, then for me its week 1.
That's very interesting I will remember and really sounds reasonable to count weeks rather than days (for which excuse me, but yet a wild newb:yummy:)
Thank you for sharing your all knowledge with that summary!
I've checked the pH of the sample from the 2 L flash I've done with my tap water (I noted before that it fails about 7.3) and surprisingly it was again ~7.3 I have fed them only once with 7-4-4 (1:1000 dilution) and I am in the 3rd week of my soil. The two big tip burns are from overheating them before (CFLs to close, while the pots were wraped with alumin foil !!!) and the last severeal smaller tip burns is from yesterday since I didn't figure it out early that 2800K a more warm and again I stuck them too close. (goddamn newbies !!!)

a quick reference made from the charts in this source enlightened me that maybe acidic soil is way more dangerous than neutral I had. Further more, a nuteis are still to come in the flowing weeks so I think no worries regarding this matter ?

and of course @setting sun thank you very much.

P.S. just a quick question

when I flushed for pH measurements I noticed this


should I have some worries ?
Glad to have you all with me here guys! Good luck!


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ya if they continue to hang below your pots they will die.

sound so stressful :11::helpsmilie: any precautions that I may take ????
could be that I add a layer of small rocks at the bottom of the pot in order to improve the drainage?

Thank you.


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Hello, green acres thank you for the prompt answer !

maybe if you had one of them small drip trays that go under the pots and poke small drain holes in that and fill with the same medium as in the pots

I am sorry, I could not quite follow you !!! Can you come again ?

Yes, right my plan is this pots to be their home for the flowering too!

Thank you !

P.S I edited the post! Sorry now I've got it !!! Yes , nice idea thank you I had a spare drip tray I will try!


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looks awesome. im a newb too so hopefully we can learn from each other? haha good luck!
sure, mate ! anything you say, even though my knowledge it is *REALLY* weak and insignificant since the experience is the best teacher :popcorn:
Good Luck!


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Hello guys! Long time no seen.
Here is my ~ 6 weeks update. Cloudya and Glorya have been gained some height now they are ~ 5.5' and ~ 4.7' respectively. I have cut the lower leaves since they became completely yellow and wilted and in the base of the branches had been started a new leaves.

~ 6 weeks Glorya & Cloudya


The set up so far view


Glorya ~ 6 weeks


Cloudya ~ 6 weeks


anything to came in you mind looking at this post will be much appreciated.

Thank you and a lot happy days.


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Hello @ all

@mtnbiker2288 and @WeedRyder thank you for stopping by.

pretty girls daydrimin. is that foil holding alot of heat in like the foil on my setup is?

mtnbiker2288, I didn't notice any extra heat coz of the foil at least not directly. I had some problems with this nutes stuff. It appears that I completely cant figure it out why after even the smallest described quantity I use it appears that they don't like it. I am using N-P-K 7-4-4. When I measure the runoff water pH it is ~6.5 so that's should not be the case. Sometimes in the posts I see someone advising 1/2 or 1/3 of supplied with the nutes dosage administration, maybe this is the key? Any idea will be much appreciated.

for example here is the one day change in the top leaves set, you can see the yellowing in the middle of the each leave center


Actually that came into my mind when after the nice water flash for runoff measurements it seems that maybe the nutes are somehow magically dilluted in appropriate way and Cloudya & Glorya regain their beautiful green color ?! As the old dogs here advised me there is possibility for 'hot spots' as a result of foil usage, which will rise the temp in particular focus like magnifying glass focused burn. I think that's not my case though. Which doesn't mean that they are not correct most probably is that I am lucky that it doesn't happen at least for now. God luck to you!


nice setup i like it, very clean! healty looking ladys good job and good luck!

Thank you very much ! That's make me happy, good luck and happy weedryding :slide:

Sorry , bein a newb makes my embarrassed, I saw the so called +rep later, thank you !
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