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Daydrimin's FIRST GROW - Indoor - Skunk - 2009


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Hello, mates! Hope the things are good for each of you.

I have started 12/12, 10 days earlier and today I saw a tiny double hairs. All of them are on the top or at most one node down on the calices just between the petioles and the stipules (a bit more like behind the stipules).

At the beginning I din't realize but there was a minor light leak between the wall and the door of the closet which I fixed the previous night and who knows because of the timing or the fixed leak the hairs immediately poped out.

Cloudya ~ 8 weeks (10 of which 12/12)

Glorya ~ 8 weeks (10 of which 12/12)

As you all remember, during the 1st 8 weeks I had a problems with my babies so I ordered a few more seeds and started one as a backup, ofcourse it went down to 12/12 road also but I think it is a boy! Unfortunately. Please, you guys take a look at the picture and any advices are much appreciated. Thanks!

Since I am still on CFC totally ~ 100 W 2700K and 125 W 6700K, yesterday I made a move and ordered very, very expensive (for me ofcourse) 400W HPS system with a next gen ballast which lowers down the temps due to more effective utilization of the electricity ?! I don't know what that means but better be good coz I really spent a lot of money on that :2:

Sure next post will be after the installation of the HPS !
Good luck you all !


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You will love the 400w HPS - Its what i have, and it produced great results!

They're all looking nice, the last pic is hard to tell, got any side angles?
Kinda looks like little bananas grouping together... thats what you've got to look for.. once you spot one seed pod you'll know and see loads. More photos will help



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You will love the 400w HPS - Its what i have, and it produced great results!

I dont know why, but I felt happy burst and a smile shine on my face reading that, 10x, mate! and for the tip ...

...Kinda looks like little bananas grouping together... thats what you've got to look for.. once you spot one seed pod you'll know and see loads.

When the lights are on I will take some more photos of the "white widow boy maybe"



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Hi there robust, growers :ciao:

Today my extremely expensive *Red Sun* system arrived!





From now on my classic SKUNK ladies should be correspondingly extremely happy being busy blooming around ;) Two of them, Cloudya and Glorya (always being an 1/3 inch behind, obviously took advantage during the flowering), you already know and another two is their almost abandoned sisters which survived my newbiesh attitude.


Last call for the white widow boy, here are the pics from yesterday and today.


If no any other suggestions I will render him as male and will separate from the ladies.

So far for ~ 3 hours work temperatures in the closet are quite good, sure this next gen ballast is working well. And finally, I switched to liquid organic fertilizer with some additives ... amino acids and vitamins. It is noted N: 2 · P: 2.7 · K: 2.1 on the box, anyway the plants seems to like it!

Glorya day 0 HPS 400W

That's all for now more to come soon as SKUNK they said is a fast in flowering and good luck to you all !


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Awesome congrats on new light :cheer: That is a male for sure...if you don't want male pollen then i would remove it quick. Nice looking ladies they will love the new light and really start cooking :goodjob:
Also ...you probably already know .... i saw you touched bulb with hands....you wiped it before using right?
Cause oil from hands creates hot spots on the bulbs.


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Awesome congrats on new light :cheer: That is a male for sure...

Thank you, Tunes420. I also thought so and yes already I've cut out him several hours ago.

Nice looking ladies they will love the new light and really start cooking :goodjob:

That's really encouraging few words, thank you very very much ! :yummy:

Also ...you probably already know .... i saw you touched bulb with hands....you wiped it before using right?
Cause oil from hands creates hot spots on the bulbs.

Nope ... :24:, no any whipping - goddamn newbies :3: Thank you very much Tunes420, much appreciated, will remember !

Good luck to you all !:peace:


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Hi folks, top'o the morning to ya !

Day 4 flowering update

I have done some LST bending to obtain a safe distance about 18" from the HPS bulb. 4 days only under this artificial sun, but the inter-nodes became bushy, that's so nice :cheer:



and just for comparison the 0 day shot again


... now as someone on the alwaysbuzzed first grow journal (I don't know why but a kinda like this journal) said "... just sit back and enjoy them growing..." I intend to do it exactly like this! Probably no any updates until two weeks or so if no any major problems for that time.

Good luck to you all !


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Hi, guys I am sure all of you are doing well and feel happy and healthy as your plants does! Here comes the second week flowering update of my beloved ones.

It is actually amazing for me like a first time grower to see such a remarkable changes that occurs day by day. The pictures are taken without any particular attention to the angels and lightning, unmodified just re-sized to fit the 420 mag demands and please tell me isn't it funny how Cloudya looks cloudy and how Glorya is glorious :cheer:

Cloudya 2 week, floweing with initial image for reference




Glorya 2 week, floweing with initial image for reference




And last but not least their two sisters who got today their names, here I am giving you the Odorya (from all the plans since they were babies she was the only one that really had any odor at all) and Skinny :yummy:

Image for reference how they looked 2 weeks ago


Odorya 2 week flowering


Skinny 2 week flowering


The bunch 2 weeks flowering under the AGROSUN Red Sodium, thank you!



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Hi daydrimin
Sure is nice to be a noob, I am too and my plants look exactly the same as yours. Damn pH. I have confidence with all the help here, we'll make it through.:439:
Nice set up. Clean.
Welcome to 420 mate. :peace:


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nice job on the LST!

Your plants look like they're flowering fast!

That 400w HID should produce some really nice buds.




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@setting sun
Dear, setting sun it is a great pleasure and personal honor for my humble ladies to be visited by mighty SS, thank you. I love and appreciate your intelligent approach, sharp conclusions and deepness of your thoughts!

The LST-ing was done in order to keep the plants inside the dimensions of my closet but it obviously worked for its original purpose and the lower and side bud-sites stretched and formed nice. And, well yes, like you said the ladies though surprisingly for me growing faster than expected. I am using only some organic mix liquid neut. Those 430 watt proper light definitely could be rendered as the main player!

I've red your recent posts and felt that small social, friendly spark, so in order not to be off topic as now you stopped by, I think it is the right time to say, please count me in ;)

@OldMedMan, hello brother it is nice that you've being surprised about that unusual timing of my post :laugh: As for your concern about the yellowing in my case it was over nute issue. After several flashings everything went well. I think it is safe and efficient method, have no worries! And by the way I've never checked my pH and personally (intuition only) I think it is is a little bit redundant in case of soil grow.

You all may have a great time and be happy!


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@Grinn, nice to see you around, mate! How's the the dirty muddy weather in old England ;) It is a great moral reward to hear such a words from you , thank you very much! I think, yes - every result shared here is a real boost for believe and determination in all of us less experienced growers, Good Luck to you, brother :peace:


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Hi, fellas !

Here I am thinking again, I would be missed so valuable experience and great emotions if I hadn't started my own grow. Thank you, Eric for opening that door for me man!

Today I realized how big the stems gone so far and I am giving you some examples.

Cloudya before a month


and Cloudya now


Glorya before a month


and Glorya now


Personally, like newb this amount of growth is really amazing. Am I right ? I am thinking, along with the optimal conditions come the genetics and the ontogeny, otherwise I cant explain what I am seeing :rollit:

Overall view of the stems is a little bit odd since they had this S - like shape and perpendicular growth of the lower bud sites. I don't know what follows but I am eager to see it :peace:



And least but not the last a quick view of the ladys









Later, dudes and Good Luck!


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^ Thank you very much for your attention, fuuji0019, this is such an encouraging comment for me at this point :thanks: The actual size of Cloudya and Glorya at present is ~ 17', but since they are a little bit leaned with acquired S - like strut of the stem, I suppose that will add a few more. The other two girls are Skinny ~ 14' almost straight stem and Odorya ~ 11' straight stem. Roughly all of them had not just doubled its size in the course of flowering but maybe even tripled it. I don't know the exact factors involved, but I guess that Red Sun HID system had to do a lot with it :yummy:

Yesterday I've showed the girls - the real sun, so I succeed to snap a shot of the glorious top of the Glorya - about 7.5' alone




... the only concern if I can say that at all is that a couple of the top nodes look a kinda stretched. I hope they will be nicely filled latter :peace:

Today is 83rd day from the sprout, 31st day since 12/12 and total of 19 days under the Red Sun HID system alone.

See you all guys, later
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