Db003 PLS 315W CMH, Super Soil, 2x4 Grow Tent

How goes it Db003! The garden is looking lovely, as it always does. That auto from Mephisto is pretty good size and structure. Cant remember if you had topped it. Did you? Anyhow, hope lives treating you good over on your side of the tracks.

no topping with that auto and it was a run of the littler so I am as surprised as you are it got to be pretty nice in the end things are going good
well the time is almost at hand I am just about ready to harvest these last two plants of this grow and move on to my next grow

I gave this grow its last watering I only gave water to the big photo plant in the back and gave none to the auto its soil was still pretty moist and I want the soil to dry out before I chop it in the next few days

I plan to wait two more days after this watering to see how dry the soil is on both of these plants before I shut off the lights for 24 hours and they get chopped

my photo plant is looking ripe and is also getting light burned on a few of the buds so its a good time to chop it and the auto plant is looking good as well it could go another week just to get some of the leaves that fall like harvest yellow color but I don't have the time or space so its going to get chopped too

1x dinafem - critical + 2.0 photo in day 60 of flower

1x Mephisto genetics - chem city blues auto in day 82 from sprout

what a day got a lot of stuff done even though I am super hungover but its all good

I turned the grow lights off in the closet grow yesterday so the last two plants of this grow were in darkness a little over 24 hours before I chopped them today

the dinafem - critical + 2.0 photo plant was harvested on day 64 of flower and the Mephisto genetics - chem city blues auto was harvested on day 86 from sprout

I am so glad I got those plant yoyo's in time for flower on the critical + 2.0 photo plant as soon as I cut the string that was holding the yoyo's the whole plant collapsed under its own weight not sure if that plant would have survived if not for the yoyo's holding the buds up I was so lazy I even left the yoyo's still on the plant as it dries but it will be fine

last I got out the other plants from this grow that have been curing and got a weight on them

1x sweet seeds - cream mandarin xl auto (harvest gold silica added) 69.1 grams

1x Synergy Automatic Genetics - power punch auto (harvest gold silica added) 90.5 grams

1x Synergy Automatic Genetics - power punch auto 100.1 grams

Another bountiful harvest, and another notch on your belt Db003. I've been wanting to get some of them critical+2.0 beans. I'd like to hear what the smoke report is like. Congrats.

man I cant wait to try the critical+2.0 too it has a smell like fruity candy kind of like skittles i think its going to be nice just got to let it dry to taker a sample and let it cure for a bit
Hope all is well in your world.

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