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Db003's Girl Scout Cookies Auto - Coco - Mars II 700


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hello everyone I am db003 and welcome to my grow this will be a grow journal log of the girl scout cookies that I will be growing

I got good news and I got bad news

first the good news I just put my girl scout cookies seeds for the contest in water to germinate

now for the bad news it looks like I accidently crushed one of the seeds some how and its crushed bad they were fine when I got them it must have happened some time after time got them I will try and germinate it with the other ones

but to be honest I dont think it will have a chance in hell of popping it sucks to be one seed down already in the contest and

my grow has not even started yet but its all good I will try and crush it with the 2 I have no pun intended
who knows it might still germinate I will just have to wait and see but I highly doubt it for real

here is a little about the gsc seeds that I will be growing from fast buds seeds website

Room: Indoor | Outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica
Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies auto flowering
Flowering: 8-9 weeks from germination
Harvest US: [​IMG] up to 1.4 pounds per light
Harvest EU: [​IMG] 500-650 gr/m2; 70-300 g/plant
Height US: [​IMG] up to 40 inches
Height EU: [​IMG] 60-100cm
THC: Very high
CBD: 0,6%
Auto flowering: Yes

The Girl Scout Cookies variety is bona fide high-quality marijuana. It is without a doubt the best Californian strain of all time. Currently Girl Scout Cookies has a large number of fans throughout the United States West Coast, and is going strong in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. We have managed to recreate an auto flower that does the original GSC justice. We’ve selected the two most popular phenotypes of the Original Girl Scout Cookies and created an auto flower version of this spectacular plant. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid (almost 60%), with Canadian Ruderalis and Sativa making up the difference. This plant presents a very undemanding crop, but like the art of baking cookies, take your time, Mother Nature can't produce such a deliciously minty, chocolaty product overnight!

Overall, our GSC stands out as one of the brightest and most exotic varieties in recent years, a true masterpiece! Would you like a cookie?


Its candy sweetness will please any sweet tooth. This superb flavor with earthy notes has made it the favorite smoke of all growers in every state. Actually, this variety represents the "real" OG flavor when compared to the many of the other phenotypes that are cruisin' around out there.


Girl Scout cookies is a fairly modern strain of marijuana that has become a cultural phenomenon - the hottest mistress of the California cannabis community. The buzz is a blow at both the cerebral level and body level. It is a plant for social smokers, unleashes joy and good humor, and provides an extra dose of creativity. Also, this variety has a therapeutic power that's able to relieve chronic pain, neuropathy, muscle spasms, and PTSD.


Our rendition of Girl Scout Cookies is feminized and finishes in approximately 55 to 63 days. It grows tall, with its leaves unfolding like a fan, displaying a reddish orange color. Gradually, it is covered with bright white trichomes - a marvel indeed! There's no need for great care, since the Ruderalis genes gives it stability. However, to optimize development, we recommend that your feeding schedule include extra amounts of nutrients compared to what you are generally accustomed to using. The plants will respond well with bigger bud development.

Its powerful THC content of 22% makes it quite the favorite marijuana for medicinal use. It works ideally with chronic ailments due to its very strong narcotic properties. It does have a very potent odor, so it is necessary to use carbon filters during cultivation, at least if you don't want to be discovered by the other Girl Scouts!

good for Glaucoma, Nausea, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back pain, PMS, Arthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Sickle Cell, Expectorant, Stress, Migraines, AIDS, Tumors, Asthma

and now a little about my grow setup I plan on growing them in my grow tent but I will start them off in my grow closet until my plants in the tent now are ready for harvest which should be soon no later then a few weeks or sooner

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? in veg

If in Veg... For how long? first seed germinated on 7/28/2016

Indoor or outdoor? indoor grow tent 32"x32"x63"

Soil or Hydro? growing in coco

what is in your mix? I am using California substrates coco coir no perlite added

What size pot? 5 gallon fabric pots

Size of light? a single mars II 700 watt led grow light

Temp of Room/cab? highs are 76F and lows are 61f

RH of Room/cab highs are 56% and lows are 36%

Any Pests ? not yet

ventilation ? ventech 4 inch inline fan with 4x10 inch carbon filter and a ventech fan speed controller also a small fan to keep air moving



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just checked on my seeds I was right only 2 of them will sprout the other one that got smashed is a lost cause but its all good

just put them in a paper towel and they should be ready to be planted in the morning tomorrow after a water my plants



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time for my first update I just planted my girl scout cookies seeds!

they were planted in 5 gallon fabric pots this time I used root pouch brand pots they were the cheapest good brand I could find at the time online I used California substrates pure coco no perlite or amendments added I made 3 gallons of water to soak the pots before I planted the seeds

I used 1/4 of a teaspoon of floranova bloom for the whole 3 gallons I also added 1/4 of a teaspoon of house and garden roots excelurator gold for the whole 3 gallons and it was ph. to 5.8 I let the pots in the bathtub to drain out a bit for about 5 minutes after I watered them

right before I covered the seeds when I made the holes in the coco I dropped a few drops of plant success orca liquid mycorrhizae this was my first time trying it like that wanted to see if it could give them a boost

I also lightly covered the pots with some plastic bags just so the top of the coco does not dry out to fast for now they will be in the closet with some of my other plants that are being flushed for harvest so they should be gone in a week

and once the plants that are in the grow tent are finish they are also getting flushed for harvest they will be moved to the grow tent

I will wait for the seeds to break ground to call it day 1 of veg


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time for a update fast buds lives up to there name these seed just want to go fast! my seeds have both already broke ground so I will call this day #1 of sprout

I had to move all the plants around to get everything the way I want it so I moved the 2 plants in the tent to the closet and move so I could put the gsc in the tent

now its just the way I wanted it to be



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time for a update I just gave these seedling there first real watering

I made gallon plus what ever water was left from watering the other plants it was about a half gallon for the ones in the grow tent they got a dose of floranova bloom at 1/4 teaspoon for the whole gallon and a half just a lite dose it was ph. to 5.8 with botanicare ph. down each plant got a watered till run off but I took off run off out

these seedlings are in day #2 from sprout



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time for a update on my girl scout cookies autos I just gave them a watering in this watering I used 1/4 of a teaspoon of floranova bloom and 1/4 of a teaspoon of house and garden roots excelurator gold plus 1/4 of a teaspoon of plant success orca liquid mycorrhizae all of that was mixed with one gallon of water that was ph. to 5.8

any run off that came out I took out with my turkey baster

these seedlings are in day #4 from sprout



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Looking great db! Do you plan on using cal/mag with floranova bloom? I needed a good amount when I used the nova bloom in coco. Subbed :48:

I have used Cal mag with floranova with some of my more indica strains but I find my tap water does well with this so most of the time I dont need to add any


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Get it db! Those fastbuds gsc auto? Strange thing is I've had fastbuds gsc auto show up smashed too from single seed center

this time it was my fault that the seed got smashed I got them fine but I stored them in a bad place and well you know what happened


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time for a update I watered my plants I made a gallon but only gave them half a gallon split between them since the coco was still a bit moist the water had 1/4 of a teaspoon of floranova bloom and some general hydroponics armor si silica that I used as ph. up it was ph. to 5.8

these seedlings are in day #6 from sprout

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