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Member of the Month: May 2020
Lol @ rosin 1 dental pain nil

But beautiful press man, I want to get a press just to make some amazing looking blunts. I’ve been thinking about making one... me being a sheet metal worker civilian, and a machinist in the military hopefully I should be able to come up with a pretty darn good one
Hey Chris. I nearly did this myself, but had a salary which was ok. You can get the heated platen and their head unit, then you just need a frame to mount them. I was going to build one. I can sketch up the frame of this for you if you’d like to go that route?
:48:Morning to ya......
Smeegs! Hey man!
I was just showing your lovely hulkberry to my wife as it’s one of the parents of the hulklato we’re running.
I hope you are as well or wellerer than your garden, shorty?


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2017
Impromptu Impermanent Update
At last we are getting some jar stock back up! After 16 days hanging, the Isabelle reveg was finally ready to jar.
From an approximate total of 1.5oz 26g made it to the jar. Of the last of the Isabelle Red before her there remains half a nug. None of her made it to jar stock/aka temporary storage.
So not a heavy yield, but there is something going on. This will be the most potent harvest she has given us yet and the smell of mango in the jar this time is l.o.u.d. loud. It’s interesting.
Here is her clone, carrying on.
And on the left now, amongst a few other bits and pieces we have going on. She is 2.5’ feet tall. I’ll feed a few cuts to Schrodinger’s dome and flip her in a week or two.

The dome delivered this the other day.

This happened.

And this came down, of course.
While testers were drying already this one was a prize for sticky scissors last night.
Green, but already tastier than the plant she was cut from, more enjoyable to smoke and a bigger, better high than before. From the same plant, actually. More purple too. More info on this deepening mystery as details emerge ;)

It’s a big, bad, beautiful donkey day out there somewhere folks. I hope some of the better bits are happening to you.
Nice thick looking roots DD :420::popcorn:


Member of the Month: May 2020
Reflections from the stalls
Hey 420. Happy Saturday to ya.
Isabelle in the front had just had a foliar feed. I only do this when a plant is still pre-bloom, and really just to use up any leftovers from the veg tent.
It’s a newish routine, the foliar feeds for the vegetaters. It’s a good chance to scout for pests and problems. (And to admire your gorgeous greenery of course!)
Meh! These were only on one, and it’s one I broke the main stem on a week ago. It’s doubled in size and doing well, but I wonder that these little buggers only pick on the weakest. I have no qualms about meeting their mercilessness with all out nuclear warfare. They should take a metaphorical leaf from the fungus gnat book. Learn to coexist more quietly with the host. Adapt or die.
I’m checking the rest of everyone and finding no sign of munching anywhere else. This one is a little hulklato in the back left corner of a photo further down.
The pest alert has given pause to adding one to flower this week. Just to be sure. Another week of veg for the next kush won’t do her any harm.
Here is the bloom room schedule as it is.
Week PlannerJulyAugustSeptember
iPurple spogs910
Hulklato 1.2891011121314
Alaskan Purple 278910
Candida CD-16+7+8+9+10+
Critical Purple Kush 1.35678910
Alaskan Purple 145678910
Isabelle 2345678910

So we’ll have a three week break in harvests in October. We should have enough not to worry about stock by then. The perpetual is starting to work now and it is fun to have jars to burp again.
We are not unhappy with that, especially because she wasn’t a big plant. Our twentieth plant harvested. This got jarred after only six days hanging this time. That was partly down to @Sugarleaf leaving the heater on in the adjoining studio for a sick cat. Normally it has been taking two weeks to dry.
It takes a bit of time in the jar for the hulklato to fully develop.
Meanwhile, I have made more pain oil from the hulklato rosin. :slide: Another good use for well kept trim. (Read the trim link in my signature if you haven’t.. maybe, like me, you’ll be glad you did). The fact I’ve squished an ounce of trim already also helps the humble harvest seem better.
Today I’ve been having that oil as well as dust, capsules, a joint with rosin racing stripes, and bongs as well. (Just to be sure :3: ). I made a bong from an empty turpentine bottle. The other night my wife was having a virtual sesh with a distant friend and occasionally they’d be toasting their well wishes on speaker phone. I was able to assure them I was on the turps. I’m such a crap liar.:rolleyes:
Ok. I feel like I have been in limbo not knowing whether this thing is dead or alive. Ever seen a donkey do the limbo? Ridiculous! I’ve been watching this for a week and it did nothing. It wasn’t til she started the prettiest guttation displays that I knew her roots were working.
Turning it this way and that trying to see if those are little leaves starting, found these.
Not feeling such a fumbler now, @Lewydeville I’m calling this week one for Wedding Cake x Cheap Trick. :yahoo:
That gives us heaps to look forward to from the veg tent. We’ll have to introduce more than one a week to flower when things take off here.
Not counting cuttings or anything without roots this is:
1 wedding cake x cheap trick
1 C99 x blueberry
2 candida
3 Alaskan purple
5 CPK, and
5 hulklato

Thanks for looking in!
Take care of yourselves.


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No complaints hey dusting off the shorts and t-shirts.. haha I think currylato is the other half of the parentage from hulklato if not mistaken....

I've got 3 different HulkBerrys going at the moment, one indica and one sativa leaning and a new clone that arrived last week I think...
Is that the HulkBerry from RQS?

Hey 420. Happy Saturday to ya.
And you too DD! :48:

So we’ll have a three week break in harvests in October. We should have enough not to worry about stock by then. The perpetual is starting to work now and it is fun to have jars to burp again.
Your garden looks great, and busy, wow a full agenda to work around and through, good stuff!:ganjamon:


Member of the Month: May 2020
Nice thick looking roots DD :420::popcorn:
Cheers, Joe. Something about looking at roots, though. If there’s nothing wrong with it they all look the same. :3: Just saying.
:woohoo:Beautiful green in your tent:thumb:
Good to see you dynaman. I hope all is well with you and yours.
Well sometimes you just have to be sure :lot-o-toke:
IKR? To be sure. Right now.. I’m also almost certain :17:
Is the C99xBlueberry remnants of the comparison grow, wasn't happy with my last grow with her...
I think so, Smeegs. Maybe Joe can clarify? This one came all the way from canuckstan.
Here ‘tis
And I had to give her a lift up and a spot in the warm after all your interest. Cheers.
Have you grown Hulkberry before, if so how did you rate it? Cheers.
@Ganjagrandaddy ran clones of it for ages. Have a fish about in his biz, or I can post a link sometime.
What a lineup :drool:
Yes I know. I have been extremely lucky to be able to get this little troupe assembled. Some still untried. :woohoo:
Hey DD... rooting is always a bonus.
Plants look great and a very busy room my man...
Made some rosin today..yummy! and maybe some rso tomorrow...(and a little more rosin)
I squished another half ounce of trim this morning. Is very nice. :cool:
Nice guttation. I don't recall ever seeing it on seedlings. Beautiful!
Hey Saugs. Yes, I first saw it here
And it tastes sweet.
I should say, for precision sake, that one of the WCxCT pictures has water on the middle, between the leaves. The drips around the edges are the sweet tasting transpirations of a hydraulic system under pressure.
That’s a cool picture of the seedling. Garden is looking ace DD. :high-five:
:high-five: Lew, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Congrats again on the JotM gong! :welldone:

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well.


Member of the Month: May 2020
Was the Hulklato your own creation, DD? I assume that's Hulkberry X Gelato? Sorry if I missed you discussing that.

Goddamn, delicious!
Hey Sy. I like your smiley faced espalier avatar. She’s coming along nicely.
The Hulklato - I suggested the name, but the creation was a cross by @Ganjagrandaddy. I’m not just pretending to be a lucky donkey. The truth is... I really am very lucky indeed.
The Hulklato is a cross between RQS Hulkberry and Barney’s Farm’s Blue Gelato 41.
And this for you, too Koro @Stunger - this is a Strain Review gigiddy did of the Hulkberry. There are three or four journals in his back pages all featuring Hulkberry.
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