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Ok, here is the Update on what all is happening now.

The DEA responded to the SBA Fairness Board SBREFA complaint, they acknowledged everything, but said that the Petition is still under review.

So I took all the correspondences from the 2 back and forths through the SBA Fairness Boars, and sent them to the 10th Circuit to prove that the 10th Circuit made its ruling in error under Rule 59/60.

In DC with the FDA case, I demanded a Jury Trial

The Dallas County District Court scheduled a Non-Jury Trial in Feb 2020 about Religious use on the Texas State level, the other cases are Federal

I have about 25 days left to respond to the Denver County District Court about the Marijuana Enforcement Agency.

I am going to file in the City of Boulder soon against Tom Carr, the City Attorney, because I made some requests via town request things online, and he has taken it into his own hands. And he reported me on gmail in violation of my first Amendment, and doesn't want to let Religion come to Boulder.

And all the Texas Federal Cases are just waiting on Judges who claim to be reading and taking their time.

I now have Federal Executive Complaints against 10-15 Judges.


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I want everyone to start using this, it is where to report Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Misconduct about Government. Have you heard "the CIA loses $8 Billion a year" these are the people that do those reports. FraudNet/Reporting Fraud

They handle Federal, State and Local issues. So you can explain anything and everything to them all connected together, from FOIA Requests, to DMV Issues, to Scandals with Judges or Cops or Agents, anything, they will put your information in the correct hands. And I want them to be busy people, I want everyone to use their Complaint system for all Government issues.

Title VI

Section VIII- Proving Discrimination-Retaliation

"Retaliation is a deliberate action used to send a clear message that complaining is unwelcome and risky. It is employed to instill fear in others who might consider making a complaint in the future. Those with cause for complaining are frequently among the most vulnerable in an institution. Once they complain, they are labeled “troublemakers.” Retaliation, and the fear of retaliation, becomes a potent weapon used to maintain the power structure within the institution."


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This is now the highest viewed post in the legal section, and everyone should share it and use the information in it to write Articles on personal websites, Blogs, etc, and file with the DEA and FDA.

Religious Marijuana is Federally Legal

Post #25 on the thread has the FDA Address and IND Application you send in to be Exempt from. This is basically a request for Exemption FROM the IND process you are sending in, not an actual IND Application. But they said to put it on the Application.
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