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DEA: Largest Pot Farm Ever Discovered In Southwest U.S. Located In West Dallas

Jim Finnel

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The Drug Enforcement Agency confirms that another marijuana field has been discovered in Dallas County and this one may be the biggest ever found in the Southwest.

DEA agents made the discovery Wednesday but haven't been able to start removing the plants because the terrain is so rough, according to DEA Special Agent Terry Wyatt.

Wyatt said the agency will bring heavy equipment to the site late this afternoon to build a road to the marijuana field.

Because of possible rain, agents may not be able to reach the crop until Monday if the ground becomes soggy.

The 30,000 plants are growing in a forested area in west Dallas.

This is the 4th discovery of marijuana growing outdoors in the Dallas area in less than a month.

Sources say this latest field is likely connected to the two others found in the same vicinity.

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Herb Fellow

New Member
I believe the government is exaggerating. If there actually were 30,000 plants, what a wonder view that would be.


New Member
no exageration my friend, its on the news every now and then, 30000 plants across 3 fields doesnt sound that much. ok maybe it does


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thats why there is a neverending supply of MJ here lol


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Heh.. I lived in Hurst Texas for about 11 years, and about 6 of those 11 years I smoked.. Unfortunately majority of the "commercial" weed in Texas is some really really bad shit.. I always tried to get specialty weed if I could because the commercial weed in my area was just terrible.. Although other cities might have had a better quality ours just sucked.. But yea, It was never a problem getting it there that's for damn sure haha.


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the dro is actually good, not great, near dfw. shwag is well... shwag. the exotic strains are very hard to find in north texas. half to be patient and talk to the right people
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